30 Search Terms That Led People to Autostraddle on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

When you’re here, you’re family.

  1. “things on toast”

  2. “what to wear at age 32”

  3. “is cheryl blossom bi”

  4. “gay dog names”

  5. “what to say to someone who met a lesbian”

  6. “things to eat with peanut butter”

  7. “first woman to, lesbians”

  8. “mean lesbos names list”

  9. “leshbian”

  10. “autostradfle”

  11. “can you walk around in public with we vibe in pussy”

  12. “any other podcasts like fresh air?”

  13. “how do lesbians have anal”

  14. “how to store tabbouleh”

  15. “cheryl blossom lesbian”

  16. “things orange”

  17. “lessbain”

  18. “sea hag costume”

  19. “comparable beers to stella artois”

  20. “craft stores near me”

  21. “is utena transgender”

  22. “how to check a lesbian”

  23. “gift for lesbian crush”

  24. “burlesque class amherst”

  25. “why i got off the pct”

  26. “how to write your thesis in 3 weeks”

  27. “tmj + lesbian sex”

  28. “cool comments”

  29. “crawfish deviled eggs”

  30. “autostardle”

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  1. Thoughts:

    1. Would read articles about 97% of those search terms. Actually, 100%; I was discounting the burlesque class in Amherst for proximity reasons, but sure I would read about it.

    2. Sometimes people find my wife’s etsy card shop by searching for Autostraddle, so sorry if she’s inadvertently stealing your searchers. Except I’m not sorry because she needs to make the business successful so I can fulfill my dream of being a kept woman.

    3. Now feeling the urge to set up a botnet to search for “astrosaddle” and skew future results

    4. I always enjoy it when you have “light content” days because it makes it more likely that we will get high quality posts such as these.

  2. what even is #5 “what to say to someone who met a lesbian”?

    i’m imagining someone who never met a lesbian before telling their friend that also never met a lesbian before that they they saw a lesbian for the first time, and then googling what to say

  3. Just made an account to let you guys know that two years ago I Googled “period sex” for reasons and found the “big lesbian sex survey” this site did, took the survey, and have been lurking ever since.

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