Why We Have an Open Relationship: A Dialogue on Queer Polyamory for Lesbians

Do you have a girlfriend? That’s fine. I also have a girlfriend. But I think you’re cute, and you think I’m cute, and let’s not waste all this cuteness and attraction just because we both have girlfriends. I’m sorry, did that come off a little harsh? It wasn’t supposed to. It’s just what a conversation might sound like in a world where monogamy wasn’t the norm. Contrary to popular belief, monogamy and fidelity are not one in the same. Take it from two lesbians – real lesbians – who have both been in serious relationships, both open and exclusive, and are still trying to figure out what exactly that means.

8 Nerdy Ways to Mend Your Broken Heart

Need some (healthy) summertime escapism? Did you get dumped, get distance or are you just pining for your crush on that massive open thread still? Kim’s got 8 cures for heartache and heartbreak, none of which involve the bottom of a bottle. Mostly they involve the Discovery Channel, Buffy and some retro games, of course.

Lesbian Bromance is Here

Two lesbians walk into a gay bar. One of them has to pee. The ladies room is occupied. What happens next will change their lives — and the world — forever. KC Danger on the birth of Lesbian Bromance.