Faking It Episode 301 Recap: Summer Lovin’ Had Them A Blast

Meanwhile, Karma and Liam are more paranoid than Fox News: Liam thinks Dylan is lying about being from Hawaii and Amy’s concerned that Karma is making decisions in an altered state Who knows what could happen next! It’ll be anarchy! Everybody will be wearing transparent backpacks and skipping Yarn Arts and before you know it we’ll all be in jail for selling pot brownies. What then? WHAT THE FUCK THEN?

At an Indigo Girls concert

After the Indigo Girls announced that Melissa Ferrick would be joining them to sing “The Water is Wide.”

Liam’s cock blocks Shane for a friendly chat and then irrationally dares Dylan to walk on fire as Dylan’s family has apparently done for five generations. Liam says it’s no biggie that Dylan walked across the coals like his people have done for five generations. Liam’s family has probably exploited thousands of underprivileged people for five generations, you know? (Really though: I’m sure Liam’s fathers business decisions probably do have something in common with walking through fire without getting burned.) Just saying. So Liam tries walking on fire and it doesn’t go very well at all!

You know you could've died out there, right, Liam?

You know you could’ve died out there, right, Liam?

Me? Nah, I'm straight and white, if anybody on this show is gonna die, it's gonna be you or Amy.

Me? Nah, I’m straight and white!

Amy ax-murders the tattoo tent to keep Karma’s skin unscathed and officially become this party’s #1 Deb.

I told you. Our sex toys stay in the sex toy drawer. They do not leave the house.

You KNOW the Maple-Leaf Oak is an endangered tree, Amy.

Actually I didn't...

It… is?

“It wasn’t enough for you to crash the party, you had to crash something else,” Karma says in her angry Mom voice. Amy reminds Karma of who she is: she doesn’t jump off cliffs, or smoke the marijuana, or get the tattoos on her skin. That’s not Karma! Karma says Amy doesn’t have the right to tell Karma who Karma is, but Amy says that yes in fact she DOES have that right…

Karma: So you get to change this summer, but I can’t?
Amy: No, you’re twisting my words!
Karma: If you wanted everything to stay the same, well maybe you shouldn’t have left!

So it all comes out: Karma’s pissed at Amy for leaving her crying in the middle of the road. Honestly it’s a miracle Karma made it off the road alive. But what Karma doesn’t realize is that Amy has spent three months in a camper van with five radical queers from Portland, and if there is one thing radical queers from Portland agree on, it is the importance of self-care. I mean, Amy’s summer girlfriend probably plays Roller Derby, you know? These are tough cookies and the fact that one of them reminded her, as their very last words as they drove away in the Pussy Explosion van, that she doesn’t owe Karma an apology, is crucial.

Okay, fine. I borrowed your bra. But it looks good on me!

Okay, fine. I borrowed your bra. But it looks good on me!

Amy: I’m not gonna apologize for taking care of myself. And it’s not like you were sitting around all summer crying, “Starfish”!
Karma: Oh, there were tears. Oceans of them. I thought they would never end. The only reason I got out of bed was to go to work. These people were there for me, unlike you.
Amy: Why are we even fighting about this? I left, it worked, I’m back and I’m over you and we should be celebrating.
Karma: Not until you apologize for what you did.
Amy: I’m not apologizing for leaving.

Karma blinks back her tears, takes a deep breath, and heads off to get an inevitably terrible tattoo.

I can't believe you changed the password on OUR Hulu Plus account!

I can’t believe you changed the password on OUR Hulu Plus account!

Also Liam and Shane make up but they don’t make out because GOD not everybody is gay, Riese!

Meanwhile in the Pop-Up Tat Shop, a clearly shaken/upset Karma is getting a tattoo on the back of her neck. She looks sad and tore-up and tells the inkster get it over with, tells him that she’s ready, just do it, come on. Dylan tells her it’ll be okay like a guy who doesn’t realize that his girlfriend isn’t okay. “It’s all good,” except that it isn’t.

I hope he doesn't forget to put the hashtag before KARMY

I hope he doesn’t forget to put the hashtag before KARMY

Back at Chez Fawcett, Amy is crying on her bed and Lauren is forced into a hug whether she wants it or not. I mean come on, their hair could be partner-bonding! Hug her!

Are you still crying about Lexa?

You finally caught up on “The 100,” didn’t you.


Next week on Faking It, Zita throws Liam a Bar Mitzvah! I hope he remembers his Torah Portion!

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  1. I’m glad there’s someone here to remind us how much the “self-care” argument makes sense (and how important it is). When characters are being emotional, sometimes you tend to agree with the person who looks the saddest at the moment. :P

  2. I am delighted that this show is back and equally delayed of these recaps are back! Although I’m feeling tricked/wary, because I read a lot of hype that Amy would have a girlfriend this season and a long distance Portland girlfriend is not going to cut it for me… So we’ll see.

    I’m kind of shocked that I didn’t mind Liam this episode. He and Amy get along fine when they’re on the same page. They’re the reasonable ones to Shane and Karma’s over the top ones! And they have lots in common (well, one thing meaning Karma). I would not mind if the season has more of them interacting, let’s put it that way.

  3. I’m getting sick and tired of Karma the same way that I am sick and tired of #Brallie LOL You go, Amy! Don’t apologize! Oh and one more The Fosters reference is that guy Dylan is Mat LOL anyway highway, missed these recaps! ^_^

  4. I am also in the I-don’t-watch-this-but-read-the-recaps-because-they’re-great club, which is a place I never thought I’d be, but am happily reconciled with because it’s clear this is the superior version.

    Right now, I’d be really down for Heather and Riese to recap an entirely imaginary show. It could be the next great narrative form!

  5. The romantic comedy “Faking It” uses a liberal Texas community and a high-school-age cast to present a commentary on sexual orientation, tolerance and acceptance among young people today.

  6. Since nobody is watching this show, maybe they should just drop the bullshit and just make the show a half hour of Karma and Amy making out. Since that was the only thing that made me watch it in the first place. All the drama is terrible, contrived drama.

    Also, throw Lauren in there making out with someone hot too.

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