Faking It Episode 209 Recap: Heartbroken and Angry and Really Really Drunk

Cut to aforementioned lair, where a bunch of lost-looking teenagers in cheap ponchos are serving cocktail shrimp to the whites while grown children with Nerf Guns stand in solemn rows, protecting their overlords. So, basically this is the U.S. Government.

Who should we take reproductive rights away from today, my lady?

Who should we take reproductive rights away from today, my lady?

Karma’s scheming how she can get this entire civilization involved in her personal vendetta, so, again: perfect metaphor for our actual civilization. Bravo, Penelope! Amy implores Karma to consider a compassionate approach ’cause they could’ve easily been born Mudmovers themselves, but Karma’s uninterested in immigration reform.

This massage is okay it's just so much better when we're both naked

This massage is okay it’s just so much better when we’re both naked

Then Amy ONCE AGAIN tells Karma she’s got something to tell her but then wimps out, instead ending a sentence that was supposed to be about hiding Liam’s salami into a sentence about how she’s gonna go get Karma a Diet Root Beer. Then, over at the snack table, Amy hears about rumblings of a revolution from a fellow Cloudsparklepony.

Amy: It’s just a stupid game, right?
Vashti: That’s what they said about the Stanford prison experiment.
Amy: What’s that? It sounds like a bad jam band.

Don't drink the Kool-Aid. Puck spiked it with vodka.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Puck spiked it with vodka. Shitty vodka. REALLY shitty vodka.

The Mudmovers have been planning a revolution of their own, however, as they suddenly roll up into the Lair with a gift offering to their hoodie-wearing overlords.

I'm not saying that it IS a pony, but I'm not saying that it ISN'T a pony, either

I’m not saying that it IS a pony, but I’m not saying that it ISN’T a pony, either

It’s an ice cream truck! Lisbeth’s thrilled by the prospect of Choco Tacos but Karma’s still furious about Liam’s beef in Amy’s taco.

Did somebody say "free G-spot vibrator???"

Did somebody say “free G-spot vibrator???”

Shane and Lauren then emerge from the body of the ice cream truck, nab Nerf Guns from slacking Firepolicedancerdeers, and make demands. Namely, they want their cell phones back. Before Karma can throw all of them in jail on misdemeanor drug violations, Liam emerges from the bowels of the confectionary to talk about his feelings in front of the whole school!

Liam: We were heartbroken and angry and really really drunk, we both wanted to hurt you in the worst way possible. Amy, back me up —
Amy: Karma —

We're supposed to do the show in two days, you won't show me the lifts, I'm not sure of the turns, I'm doing all this to save your ass, what I really want to do is drop you on it!

We’re supposed to do the show in two days, you won’t show me the lifts, I’m not sure of the turns, I’m doing all this to save your ass, what I really want to do is drop you on it!

Amy looks awkward, Karma looks ragey.

Liam: There’s no excuse I can give you, I know that. But you made me feel things that I’ve never felt before—
Karma: Oh, so now it’s my fault for giving Liam Booker feelings?
Liam: No, it’s OUR fault, we did this. Amy, Amy tell her!
Liam: I get that you’ll never forgive me but I just need you to know that I loved you. No — I LOVE you.

Karma gets a little teary but snaps out of it, telling Liam to go to hell. But by “hell” she means Abstinence Video World.

Look, neither of us are sure if this toy's really gonna do what it said on the box and beeline straight for your prostate, but if we don't give it a chance now, then who are we?

Look, neither of us are sure if this toy’s really gonna do what it said on the box and beeline straight for your prostate, but if we don’t give it a chance now, then who are we?

Liam: Fine, I’ll go to hell, if that’s what you want.

He totally stole that line out of the Jordan Catalano / Brian Krakow Playbook, but WHATEVER. Karma nails him with a nerf bullet.

Oh yes that feels really nice

Get a room

“I can’t believe he tried to take you down with him,” says a frustrated Karma. Amy says nothing. I’m actually surprised that Karma’s choosing Amy over Liam — but how much of this is First Day Theatrics, that high-on-anger way that you act when you’ve just been handed the Worst Surprise Ever and want to throw a bunch of plates at a building? Will she feel better about it in a few days or weeks? Obviously she’s got a right to be livid, but these are still her two biggest fans, and they were trashed and heartbroken and sometimes shit just happens.

Back on the luxurious sunny grounds of this strange school, revolution is in the air and the walls have been plastered with Liam Booker posters.

Karma: Shane turned Liam into a martyr like he’s a fucking Mockingjay or something!
Amy: Really? I’m getting more of an Obama hopey-changey vibe.

Ugh! They're totally RT'ing my photo all over the walls without crediting the photographer!

These assholes NEVER credit the photographer when they repost my work!

Karma: We’re gonna expose him Liam Booker for what he really is.
Amy: Which is what, a werwolf?

No, I’m pretty sure that THIS is what Liam Booker really is:

It's true

It’s true

JUST KIDDING! THIS is who Liam Booker really is:

It happens

It happens

Karma divulges to Amy that Liam’s family owns Skorkle — which Amy obviously already knew — and that she’ll use this info to humiliate Liam ’til he’s forced to transfer schools! Amy’s finally found her voice and is using it to tell Karma that this is a really really terrible idea. Undeterred, Karma demands Amy tell Penelope she’s holding an assembly in the cafeteria.


So that’s what a vaginal orgasm feels like

Lauren’s still on her anti-Brandy trip, which’d obviously be a set-up for “The Boy Is Mine” if this was Glee, but it isn’t, praise Lesbian Jesus.

What are you talking about this vest is dope

What are you talking about this vest is awesome

Lauren wants to know if Theo ate Brandy’s brownie and if he’s pulling away ’cause she told him about being intersex. He denies the charges:

Theo: I meant what I said last night, I don’t care that you were born a little different. I think you’re the strongest sexiest most amazing girl I’ve ever met. No matter what happens, nothing will change that.
Lauren: Then why does it always feel like you’re pulling away? I feel like I’m going crazy!
Theo: There’s something that you need to know, I wanted to tell you earlier but I couldn’t —

But before he can get into it, Penelope announces that everybody’s gotta get their asses to the cafeteria for an assembly! It’s probably a pep rally for the Dylan Panthers, or else another opportunity for Karma to make herself even less popular than she was in the pilot.

The revolution continues indoors, where Shane’s holding a rally in the cafeteria:

Shane: Remember Liam. Never forget! He died for our phones!

The Mudmovers have gathered into an angry mob and are chanting for the triumph and release of their #1 false idol, Liam Booker.

These pictures were posted ALL over tumblr without crediting the photographer! Doesn't anybody here understand the ethics of social sharing?

These pictures were posted ALL over tumblr without crediting the photographer and I wanna know who started it!

Karma’s got her own story to tell about a man who ISN’T WHO THEY THINK HE IS. She’s got her own megaphone and her own table to stand on top of, which she does, launching into a rant about how their Fearless Anti-Skorkle Leader is really a —



BUT BEFORE SHE CAN SPILL THE SEED, Amy murders Karma with a Nerf gun!

Karma: Amy, did you just kill me?
Amy: It was for your own good! Now you have to stop talking and go to the basement!


STOP poking me in the buttcheek! Every time you do that, it becomes less and less likely that I’ll ever agree to anal!

Then the Fireballs kill Amy for being a traitor. THAT’S RIGHT JUDAS GO TO THE BASEMENT AND LEARN ABOUT V.D!

All eyes are back on Shane, who has some more complaints to register:

Shane: They made us wear these brown sacks and they took our phones. Who knows what important texts we’re missing!?! They can’t Nerf us all! Viva La Revolution!

Then a food fight breaks out. I hate food fights!

Seriously captioning this is just too easy

hmmmm I wonder what caption would go with this image…

Down in the tombs, Karma, Liam and Amy are not enjoying a romantic film about how you should never have sex ever. I mean aren’t these kids their own Abstinence Film?

Hey bra, when Mom gets home let's see if she'll drive us to Blockbuster

Hey bra, when Mom gets home let’s see if she’ll drive us to Blockbuster

Karma’s furious at Amy for preventing her from sharing Liam’s family secrets with the entire school, and Liam’s shocked to hear that Karma was planning to tell his family secrets to the whole school. Seriously that alone would be a huge red flag for me — I wouldn’t go near that girl with a ten-foot pole if she reacted to arguments between us by breaking my trust and publicly humiliating me, even if I was the one who fucked up. I’d never trust her again, you know?

You don’t just love people for how they act in good times. You love them for how they act in the worst of times, too.

It was Day Three of her Monastat regimen and Karma still wasn't getting relief for that burny itchy feeling between her legs

It was Day Three of her Monastat regimen and Karma still wasn’t getting relief for that burny itchy feeling between her legs

Shit’s getting dirty:

Karma: You don’t like it, go cry to your rich mommy about it.
Amy: Karma, come on, lay off, Liam’s family stuff is a lot more complicated than that —

(Moment of terrible, awful, awkward silence.)

Karma: Wait, how would YOU know?

Karma gets up, and asks if this was more than a one-time thing. It was a one-time thing, Amy tells her, and she only went to Liam’s house at all to force him to shut the fuck up about their romp in the hay. Also for the cocktail shrimp, I imagine.

Look I don't even know who this guy is, he totally followed me here from the mall

Look I don’t even know who this guy is, he just followed me here from the mall and keeps making these creepy sinus noises

Liam gets up. Liam and Amy stand before her, a front united in remorse and dismay.

Karma: So Liam wanted to tell me, but you stopped him?
Liam: Karma, it’s not like that. Amy was just trying to save you the pain.

Are you gonna tell her about the couples membership we got at 24 Hour Fitness or should I

Are you gonna tell her that opening night tickets for Mockingjay are sold out, or am I?

But Amy wants to take the blame where the blame is due:

Amy: It is like that. I was selfish, I couldn’t face what I did. It was horrible. It was the worst thing I’ve ever done, the worst thing I could ever do. But you can’t blame Liam and not me. Either you forgive us both or you hate us both.
Karma: Fine. Then I hate you both.

Basically it was like this:

But a big beautiful world lives on outside this sad, educational basement — outside on the grassy knoll, the children are pleased to have finished their seemingly pointless Social Experiment Costume Party, and Shane’s disappointed to learn that the only Duke-related news accessible on his mobile device is a Skorkle alert that his ex-boyf has signed with The Chicken Devils and is growing a beard.

Shane knew he should clean his face, but it was all he had left to remind him of Duke

Shane knew he should clean his face, but it was all he had left to remind him of Duke

We then launch into an emotional two-minute montage to the song “Forgive Me,” by Austra. Liam’s in his car, pounding the steering wheel, full of regret and rage. Amy’s at school with her textbook in front of her but that textbook may as well be a blank journal, ’cause she’s not reading a damn thing.

I knew I should've joined A+

I knew I should’ve joined Autostraddle Plus. What’s wrong with me? How could I let something so good slip away?

Amy’s not reading, she’s texting. Specifically; she’s texting Karma, begging for forgiveness.

Everybody will be so disappointed if there's no Season Three

Everybody will be so disappointed if there’s no Season Three

Karma throws her phone across the room, which’s like the classic and stupidest breakup move because then your life is broken AND your phone is broken. AMATEUR. Then she tears photos of Amy off her wall. Sigh.

How the hell am I supposed to examine my pores with all these crappy snapshots in the way?

How the hell am I supposed to examine my pores with all these crappy snapshots in the way?

Lauren’s sitting in the courtyard, where Theo said he’d meet her after school to tell her that thing he has to tell her. But he’s nowhere to be found.


Just read this

Everybody’s secrets are out and everybody’s heart is hurting. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Here’s the trailer:

After watching this episode and next week’s trailer, we basically figured out exactly what’s gonna happen next week. 10% of this hypothesis is based on one page I saw of the script for 210 (which didn’t contain any definitive information, but did contain a line that makes more sense now that I’ve seen the 210 trailer), 20% is based on what was in the trailer, and 70% of the hypothesis is based on my PSYCHIC POWERS.

So, this is what we think is gonna happen next week: Theo’s an undercover cop who’s been sent to Hester to find out who’s selling drugs. Remember how Amy’s parents said their fortunes have transformed since they started selling “baked goods” and how Brandy had a pot brownie this past episode and how Theo seemed awfully interested in hanging around her? And also how he perked right up when Lauren mentioned that she took ecstasy at the club? Right, so I think he’s doing a 21 Jump Street kind of thing. So, the cops are gonna show up to arrest the Good Karma family for selling pot brownies, Karma’s gonna pull some crazy-ass shit that’ll get her arrested, and then Amy’ll try to get herself arrested so she can be locked in a cell with Karma. Meanwhile, Liam’s gonna make peace with his Dad so that his Dad will give him money to bail Karma’s family and Amy out of jail — but in exchange, Liam will agree to work for Skorkle and keep all his family secrets. We’ll see Reagan for like two minutes, and it’ll be a weird cliffhanger that will leave us unsatisfied and annoyed, yet we’ll still accept it because we’re desperate for lesbian action.


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  1. “Seriously that alone would be a huge red flag for me — I wouldn’t go near that girl with a ten-foot pole if she reacted to arguments between us by breaking my trust and publicly humiliating me, even if I was the one who fucked up. I’d never trust her again, you know?”

    For once, I completely agree with you. Can I hope in 210 that after her parents are arrested they’re forced to move because of the shame or incur serious drug charges (cause this is America) and Karma is taken into foster care and has to move far away with foster parents or relatives. Amy and Liam will be sad, but they’re 16 and they’ll get over it.

    • To be fair to Karma, at this point she’s convinced herself that Liam emotionally manipulated her best friend into sex, making him a half step above a rapist.

      • To be fair? How does one get to that point? She has absolutely no grounds for it and her own friend has confessed otherwise. I can’t imagine a world where every time I found out something unsavory about my partners sexual activity, I assumed it was assault!

        Also the proper response to thinking your friend might have been sexually assaulted is not attempting to seek self gratification through humiliating your ex, but supporting your friend by helping her seek the appropriate services or simply being there for emotional support.

        • Yeah, I totally agree. I can understand that Karma would want to rationalize it as “Amy must’ve been too drunk to say no!” but it’s pretty gross that she would project that onto Amy and then act like a terrible human being in response. Good thing Amy finally at the end decided to not let her best friend assume her (ex)boyfriend raped her because that’s also pretty unforgivable.

          • Yeah – the whole thing was a bit off. I remember the creators talking about how the characters are all good people who are just making mistakes, but pushing it into the rape space was ick.

            I think they just really wanted to show that Karma couldn’t even fathom that Amy would hurt her in that way, but where they had to take it to make that point was too far out of character for Karma (given the creators want them all to be ‘good at heart’).

            Re the son of Skwerkle outing attempt – while shitty, I think that is more in the boundaries of show’s ‘making mistakes’ vibe – and no worse a break of trust than Amy and Liam sleeping together to hurt her. While blabbing personal stuff as revenge is awful, Liam had just been pestering her non-stop, and in public, when she clearly wanted space. On top of the obvious Stanford effect taking place, it was a perfect storm of rage for her. Plus, I might be the only who thinks that him being son of Skwerkle isn’t that big a deal – had she known and tried to out Momster, that would be another thing entirely.

  2. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this previously but Lauren’s friend, Lisbeth?, looks exactly like Lori Beth Denberg from Nickelodeon’s heyday shows All That and Figure It Out.
    I just wanted to mention that because it’s been weighing on my mind since April, or whenever it was this premiered.

  3. Riese, that prediction sounds pretty good to me, especially about the unsatisfying Reagan content. I’d just add that I think something nasty might go down either between Shane and Lauren, or about Duke/Theo given they are both feeling slighted.

    Mainly though, I’m looking forward to Amy’s red plaid pants.

  4. I can’t wait till it comes out that Theo is a soldier who is part of a secret government anti-demon task force called The Initiative.

  5. Riese, one thing you forgot that has to come up next episode, since it’s the last chance, is the “woah” “I know” moment. After Amy and Karma’s fight in jail are they going to make up and make out?

    • Do you think it will come up, though? Amy asked Karma about it in the Season One finale, I feel like that’s been laid to rest. Although Karma sure does love to hate Liam.

  6. This episode is what we’ve all been waiting for, first Amy get’s some hot lesbian sex – presumably, sadly we only get to see the morning aftermath where they wake up almost fully clothed but filled with innuendo – then Karma reacts to the knowledge that her bestfriend and her boyfriend have bumped the uglies.

    Liam, Liam, Liam, I talk alot of shit about you, but this episode made me realize you have a problem. You don’t know how to communicate, so lets go over some pointers. When you drunkenly have sex with your ex girlfriend’s best friend, and then get back with that girlfriend and she finds out, there are ways to handle that situation that are marginally better than others. Let’s look at some options

    a)You stress the fact that you were heavily intoxicated and therefore not in your right mind, you regret it more than anything, and it meant absolutely nothing to you but you obviously understand why she’s upset, and will give her space to think and process.

    b)Sit there with a guilty face while she assumes the worst, text harass her, and then dramatically yell in front of multiple people that it’s not fair that she’s only mad at him because “We were both angry and trying to HURT YOU”

    Liam chose B. Liam chose wrong. Shockingly, Liam emphasizing that he slept with Amy deliberately to cause Karma pain did not do much to get Karma to forgive him. Nor does trying to say, “you aren’t mad at Amy, so you shouldn’t be mad at me” solve anything except make Karma angry at both of them..

    I found Karma’s reaction to Liam and Amy’s drunken hookup startling. She assumed that Liam took advantage of Amy’s emotional state, manipulated her into sex, and then forced her to keep quiet about it. That’s a lot to unpack about how Karma views Liam. It does need to be mentioned that Karma is very hurt and not thinking straight, she obviously doesn’t want to believe that her best friend would ever hurt her of her own free will. Yet how quickly she jumps on the Liam is a very bad man train says something about her real lack of trust in Liam’s integrity. There is a sick logic to what she is thinking. Liam, who was open about his *barf* desire to sleep with a lesbian, finds out the “lesbian” he is sleeping with is actually straight, dumps her, and immediately hooks up with her actually gay, highly emotionally distraught best friend. Despite not being the biggest fan of Liam, I think it’s fairly obvious that’s not what happened. Liam and Amy were drunk, hurt, and desperate for some kind of validation/connection, and no point did it come across as manipulative or coerced.
    I think the show was trying to highlight how much Karma trusts Amy rather than how dysfunctional Karma and Liam are by having Karma react like this, but I don’t see how those two as a couple could realistically come back from Karma assuming Liam is some sort of sexual predator.

    Karma has also clearly not thought through what it means for Amy emotionally and psychologically if she was sexually manipulated and then blackmailed into silence for the last few months. She gives Amy a hug and says she wishes she could have been there for her, but other than that mostly focuses on her anger towards Liam, until Amy finally comes forward and admits that it was mutual mistake.

    I had some trepidations about this plotline. I don’t think the writers fully thought through the distrust Karma would need to have to assume Liam was a sexual predator,or that if she did think that, how she reacted to Amy was inappropriately self involved. The point seems to have been that Karma trusts Amy above all else, and now that trust is broken, rather than Karma suspected Liam was an awful human. I doubt we will see this plotline reappear or be resolved any further now that Karma knows the truth, but it should have serious ramifications for all three characters. Amy didn’t correct Karma about what happened for hours either, despite knowing perfectly well Liam is more douchey than skeevy, and in this case innocent.

    In more light hearted news, Penelope the Vice Principal turns Hester High into a social experiment Hestoria. A land where cloudspinners (Karma, Lisbeth) rule, raindwellers serve (Karma, Vishti), firekeepers police (Theo, Brandi), and mudrakers are scum (Lauren, Shane, Liam). We learn what kids these days will really rebel for, their phones. Karma, if she was actually trying to stop a rebellion and not just keep Liam from texting her, probably wasn’t too tactically offbase by taking away people’s phones. Twitter is how protests were planned in Egypt after all. But being separated from their phones is more than these middle class 21st century teenagers can be expected to suffer silently. Lauren, proving again her ability to rise beyond the mediocrity of typical high school mean girls by doing her homework and absorbing tactical strategies, plans and executes a trojan horse maneuver to retrieve everyone’s phones. Karma, if you focused less on boys and more on school, you’d know that those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.

    Speaking of Lauren, which is my favorite thing to do. We find out that Theo was perfectly cool with her being intersex, and I am disappointed again that we didn’t get to see that scene play out. Sadly, Theo ditches her to hang out with Brandi of the pot brownies and the epic burns, and then never shows up at their designated afterschool meeting. Theo! Lauren skipped out on froyo with Shane for you, and you ditch her? That is monstrous . Does anyone not think Theo is an undercover cop at this point? If Faking It manages to make him something else where he isn’t age inappropriate to date Lauren and this is just a clever fake out, I will be more impressed than I have ever been with this show. Lauren in general, while still keeping her quips, is supportive of Amy in her time of need, and this season has grown the Shane/Lauren friendship to the point where it didn’t even strike me as odd that Shane would invite Lauren to go help him “descend into a blackhole of cyberstalking and pinkberry”. It appears that the Duke saga might be ending, this show doesn’t have a great track record for keeping tabs on Shane’s ex boyfriends, but I have hope. He deserves better than Chick Fil A, we all deserve better than Chick Fil A.

    I also realized that I have not done my due diligence because I failed to inform you readers that Faking It also does transmedia. The Hester High blog regularly features blog pieces from Lauren, and weekly reports from Vashti Nadira titled “From the Trenches”. Vashti is one of the most underutilized characters on this show, and while “From the Trenches” doesn’t give her any revelatory or plot stories to deal with, the actress is game, and reports the tough facts in a more entertaining way than most actual news, plus it’s always nice to have muslim representation that isn’t focused on religious struggles, or terrorists. If you have twenty minutes to spare, give it a go.

    B for some good jokes, but points knocked off for a questionable main plotline.

    Bobs and Bits:

    “I just fired my trainer over our different… fitness philosophies”

    “ The only person to blame is Liam f*cking Booker” – I have to say, Karma angry is ten times more interesting than Karma in love.

    “as a salad spinner”
    “cloud spinner”

    You’ll be banned to the sub basement and forced to watch old abstinence education videos. The state of Texas requires me to show them, trust me their torture.

    Amy – “No it’s just a game”
    Vashti – “That’s what they said about the stanford prison experiment”

    Karma dramatically nerf gunning Liam was a wonderful visual.

    “Remember Liam, never forget, he died for our phones!”

    • “)Sit there with a guilty face while she assumes the worst, text harass her, and then dramatically yell in front of multiple people that it’s not fair that she’s only mad at him because “We were both angry and trying to HURT YOU””

      YES! Plus, it’s not even true — if they were trying to hurt Karma, why did they decide not to tell Karma? That doesn’t even make sense. No, they were drunk and angry and sad and sought comfort/release in each other’s bodies. He repeated this non-sensical explanation so many times, and insisted upon it so strongly, that I could only rationalize that there was some other meaning to the reason than its literal interpretation because… what? why? What a stupid thing to say! You’re right, this kid is the worst communicator of all time.

    • Omg, YES at Liam’s poor communication skills. I was reading your comment about options a) and b) and giggling. He seems like his heart might be in the right place (?), but he’s such a blockhead.

  7. Can I just say that I died at the part where Amy said that Liam was “what, a werewolf?”. Never forget that Gregg Sulkin played Selena Gomez’s werewolf boyfriend on Wizards of Waverly Place. Way to throw that in there, Faking It writers.

    Also, TOTALLY agree with your predictions on Theo pulling a 21 Jump Street. Remember when Lauren walked up to him just as he was ending a ~suspicious phone call~ saying something about needing more time or figuring something out? I don’t remember the conversation but I remember it being a little shady and totally fitting into that plot. Can’t wait for next week’s “whoa” “I know” moment though!

  8. I, too, have been thinking about what could Theo’s secret be. My worry with the possible 21 Jump Street thing tho is, does he have real feelings for Lauren? Because srsly I absolutely love Lauren now and will be sad if otherwise (I watched all of the episodes of the short-lived series called Bunheads because of her!) Amy + Reagan’s *the* morning after looks are like on point. MORE PLEASE! Why are the writers taking away the good moments? LOL Awesome recap yet again, Riese, high five! ^_^

    • Bunheads was an amazing show gone too soon. I actually had the opposite experience where one of the reasons I started watching Faking It was because I loved Bailey Buntain (Lauren) as Ginny so much. The ending of bunheads on her face was criminal without any closure.

      • I didn’t know Bunheads existed until I read Bailey’s wiki page haha and I’m so glad I watched it! Yep, amazing show gone too soon indeed! That and Emily Owens MD are just a few of the shows I absolutely love(d) but apparently the feeling is not mutual with the networks (boooo!)

    • I think he has genuine feelings for Lauren, definitely! I mean if he wanted to date someone just to find out who the drug dealer is, then he’d be dating Brandy, not Lauren… I think he’s been hesitant to invest with Lauren though ’cause he knows his secret will be revealed soon and she’ll feel wronged by it. (and thanks!!)

  9. Ugggh, Karma does not have the right to be as pissy as the show is letting her be. She emotionally fucked with Amy and Liam in the first place. What a surprise that they would seek solace in each other when they were both really upset by some dumb shit Karma did.

    I find this plot very contrived. Yeah, Amy and Liam wouldn’t want Karma to find out, but the real reason they don’t want to tell her is not because they don’t want to “hurt her” Its because they both know that Karma is too immature to handle the situation. They shouldn’t be bending over backwards to protect her ego, they should be reevaluating if Karma is worth all the unnecessary turbulence into their lives.

    I was never a fan of the character, but have kept an open mind beucase this is a show about high schoolers, but making Amy and Liams hook up all about Karma’s immature unprocessed feelings has pushed me over the line.

    I hope all the bad shit Rise predicted happens to Karma because she is in dire need of a reality check

    • I agree so hard with this – was also SO angry that Karma was just fine with Amy and her switching, as though she expected it because she always comes first. Also, I think if you really loved your friend that much, if she fell in love with you, you’d give her some fucking space so she could get over you, not turn up and “waterboard her heart”. Seriously, Karma really does think it’s all about her! I was also trying to like her character, but she’s been pissing me off so much…

  10. Can we all take a moment to address the fact that Liam on the Time cover looks a lot like Eric Matthews from “Boy Meets World.” I’d like Liam a lot more if he started saying “Fee-hee-hee-hee-hee-ny.”

  11. I’m a little mad because of this “we did this to hurt Karma” plotline. When Amy and Liam got together I didn’t read it like that at all, for me they were two teenagers being like “fuck it” but not in a let’s hurt our best friend/ love interest kind of way.

    A little off-topic: I had to google Choco taco, and since I live in Tacoland now I feel like my life is a lie!

    • yeah, that feels like an idea that appeared for the first time in this episode and it didn’t make any sense. like it was so non-sensical that i just skipped over it in my brain and was like, ‘maybe liam is bad with words?’ b/c as i said upthread, if the point is to upset a person, then wouldn’t you want that person to know? it doesn’t make any sense!

    • Yeah….for me it’s like “the world does not revolve around you, Karma” hehehe #kindaharsh #justmyhonestopinion

  12. lol times 1,000. Also I feel like Liam is a bit of a dick being so keen to take Amy down with him. I reckon an actively good person might be willing to take more of the blame and limit the damage from their shitty choices? Rather than going for total honesty and maximum shitstorm?

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