The Impulse Quarantine Purchases We’d 100% Buy Again

While there are certainly other (and arguably healthier) coping mechanisms besides stress shopping, I don’t think we should totally rule out any options just yet. And sometimes impulse buys work out really well! We’re here to tell you which emotionally compromised quarantine purchases we heartily stand by and would enthusiastically recommend.

3 Cheap and Approachable Starter Packers

A lot of people pack! It’s most commonly talked about and practiced in trans men’s circles, but packing is actually something very accessible for absolutely everyone that feels like doing it. Packing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, I promise; it can just be fun and affirming!

Do The Monster Mash: Binder Halloween Costumes with GC2B

gc2b grabbed some fabulous models and used their binders to create Halloween costumes on a budget using items you can find at a craft store, your local Halloween pop-up, and your own closet! This is for every queer who’s ever wanted to prance or parade around in their binder in public without putting a shirt over it.