Boobs on Your Tube: Nancy Drew Crew, We’re Back!

Y’all still feeling bummed season two of Yellowjacket is over? What if I told you a bonus episode might be on the way! More good news: Your June streaming guide is here! Happy Pride! Speaking of which, Kayla has run down some of TV’s most iconic Pride scenes! Drew interviewed Murray Hill! And how about another recap of The Ultimatum: Queer Love.

Notes from the TV Team:

+ With Love, the Prime Video series from One Day at a Time creator Gloria Calderón Kellett is back for its second season this week. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new season holds for Isis King’s character, Sol. Is she the Diaz grandchild that’s getting married? — Natalie

+ Gotham Knights is still participating in a burn so slow it’s borderline queerbaiting, and while Harper is still convinced Stephanie is straight for some reason, this week Stephanie admitted to Turner she didn’t feel a “spark” when she kissed Turner or her ex boyfriend Brody. — Valerie Anne

Saint X Episode 108: “Faraway”

Written by Valerie Anne

Sunita and Emily smile at each other as they prep to say goodbye.

Sunita, we hardly knew ye. Sorry you weren’t relevant to the plot at all.

In the finale, things took a surprisingly gay turn! Gogo confronts Emily about knowing she’s actually little Claire; he recognized her from the way she writes on her arm. He wants to tell her everything her family took from him, so he tells her everything he knows about Allison’s last night on the island.

That night Gogo and Edwin took Allison out dancing at a local place, and the three of them went to a secluded place in the forest to fool around, but after having Edwin kiss Gogo, she has to have a lie down because she’s too high and drunk. Once she wanders away, Edwin and Gogo look at each other in a whole new light, and they end up kissing again…and again.

Present-day Gogo tells Emily that it unlocked something in him, and when Allison found them hooking up, Edwin told her to go home because he wanted more time with Gogo, something he’s wanted his whole life and never dreamed could be a reality. And that’s the last time they saw Allison that night.

So Emily goes to Tyler’s apartment and confronts him about sleeping with Allison that night; and I won’t lie to you, I 100% forgot that Tyler was the man who was hanging around them in the beginning of the season. Tyler admits that they slept together that night, but that she stormed off; he swears that if Gogo and Edwin were “actually charged” with Allison’s murder he would have spoken up about seeing her that night, but he still let them be blamed for it.

Tyler also says he wasn’t the last person to see Allison, Claire was. This unlocks a memory of Allison coming back to the hotel room, drunk and crying about how she’ll never have something as pure as what Gogo and Edwin have, how she’ll never be the main character. So she decides to swim to the Faraway, naked. She drunkenly clambors up onto a high rock, smiles at the waterfall, lets out a primal scream…then slips. And I guess she got her wish; she was never forgotten, she became the main character in a lot of people’s lives. But she had to die to do it.

Since everyone was convinced it was a murder and not an accident, Gogo and Edwin never got to have a go at a relationship, and they never spoke again. Gogo thought he was being punished for being a “sinner” but he doesn’t regret knowing Edwin. “Because of Edwin, I lost everything. But without him, I wouldn’t have had anything to lose.”

Three months later, Sunita helps Emily move out of her boyfriend’s apartment. She hugs Sunita goodbye and tells her best friend she loves her, then heads back to San Francisco to live with her parents. She decides she’s going to try to move on, and she wants to start going by Claire again.

Gogo heads back home to the island, and goes to see Edwin, who is dying of lung cancer. Gogo kisses him on the forehead and they reminisce about the life they had together, before their life was taken from them.

I found the reveal of the mystery a bit disappointing but overall I enjoyed the show, and was pleasantly surprised that it was gayer than I originally thought it would be.

How I Met Your Father Episode 213: “Family Business”

Written by Valerie Anne

Val confronts Missy while Ellen looks supportively tuff in the background.

Ellen is such a good hype friend.

This week Sophie is caught up in some shenanigans getting to know her dad, while Jesse and Charlie try switching accents to pick up girls.

Meanwhile, Ellen and Valentina go to a fancy open house, just for funsies. It ends up being a socialite’s apartment, an influencer named Missy they both recognize, known for always wearing hats. They sneak into her closet and are trying on her clothes when they get busted by Missy herself. They get escorted out, but when they get back to the bar, Val realizes that she lost her engagement ring in the closet. But when they get back to Missy’s apartment, Missy is wearing the ring and insisting it’s hers. So Val pulls a Legally Blonde on Missy and threatens to expose her for painting red bottoms on her shoes since they don’t make Louboutins in her size. Missy agrees and Val and Ellen are successful! Though, Val realizes that the engagement she’s not into and thought would fizzle by now might be actually very real… But that’s a problem for future us.

Class of ’09 Episode 105: “The Problem is People”

Written by Valerie Anne

Poet and Hour look Serious during a meeting

I wonder if part of the auditions for this show was making sure you could age down and up gracefully, because these ladies do.

I feel like I got bamboozled. It was three episodes of intense eye contact, fraught conversation, even some canoodling between Poet and Hour and then two episodes of them barely interacting in the Present or Future at all! Rude!!

Anyway here are some things from this episode, in no particular order because time is fake, especially on this show. They introduced a secret fourth timeline in this episode briefly! But I’m lumping it into “Present” because my brain cannot even. ANYWAY.

The building collapse is how Poet lost her eye and her boyfriend lost his arm. (I should learn his name…eh, maybe next week.)

Past Tayo met his wife on a tour of MLK Jr’s home, where she told them all about how the FBI tried to get him to kill himself and how they have to actively work to change the broken system.

Present Tayo is on a mission to use Hour’s database in a new way that removes human error after the system misses a key clue in a hostage situation that leads to all the hostages dying of arsenic poisoning. But we see how this plays out in the future, with the system making arrests based on patterns of behaviors and POTENTIAL to commit crimes, juries just blindly trusting the system’s information without doing any critical thinking on their own about it.

Future Tayo calls the Class of ’09 (well, the ones that are important to us) together and warn them that they are forbidden to tear the system down, but they’re not about to sit back and watch this happen. They go to a church, where theoretically they can’t be followed, but a drone breaks through the stained glass and tasers a priest…and Tayo no longer has control enough to stop it.

Maybe they were like “listen we have a lot of important information we have to dole out in this episode, we can’t have people distracted by Poet and Hour’s chemistry.” So hopefully we’ll learn more about the nature of their relationship in the Present and Future, if they ever dated or if Hour’s feelings were unrequited, etc, in the coming weeks.

Nancy Drew Episode 401: “The Dilemma of the Lover’s Curse”

Written by Valerie Anne

Bess and Addy giggle and hold hands while talking to Nancy

I missed these beauties!!!


It has been about 5 weeks since the end of the last season, and everyone is off doing their own things. Nancy has her detective agency, Bess is head of the historical society, George is studying to be a lawyer, Ace is working at the morgue, Nick is running the center. And they’re all planning for the Lovers’ Vigil.

Nancy’s dads show up with breakfast for her, and she tells them she’s been trying to solve missing pet cases to pay the bills, all while avoiding Ace, but she’s annoyed she hasn’t solved the case of the missing bodies yet. She realizes she’s late to meet Bess, and runs off, but Bess also tells her to just talk to Ace.

Just then, Bess makes herself scarce and Ace shows up, and they realize they’ve been Parent Trapped. They agree to try to be friends, but then Ace gets arrested as a suspect in aforementioned case of the missing bodies.

Nancy storms to the police station but she’s not allowed run of the place anymore now that there’s a new chief of police. A chief who is…very chipper. She’s happy to meet Nancy but tells her that she doesn’t believe in ghost stories, but she does believe in evidence, like the arm she found in Ace’s backyard. The chief is a little too chipper and frankly I don’t trust her but for now she’s being nice to Nancy so I’ll allow it.

As the Drew Crew investigates, they find a body…when it crawls out of the ground and starts stumbling around.

While Bess is getting ready for the Lovers’ Vigil, Ryan introduces her to a couple who wants to sell things from the historical society on the black market. When Bess politely declines and goes with Ryan to pick up a new artifact, they are driven off the road by a talisman in the engine and the artifact is picked up by the Glasses. (A confusing family name to be said out loud!) Bess is furious but Ryan promises he’ll handle it.

At the Lovers’ Vigil, Bess is reunited with Addy, who had been out of town, and they’re cute and happy and kissy. (And they’re not the only f/f pairing at the party!) It’s pretty cute, and they miss most of what else happens at the Vigil because of it. Including but not limited to Nancy and Ace almost kissing again, causing more glass to break and Nancy to run away.

That night, the Drew Crew meets up and invites Chief Lovett (maybe THAT’S why I don’t trust her…) to witness the zombies rising from their makeshift graves, spitting up some ooze, then collapsing again. What they don’t see, however, is that the zombie ooze seems to be making its way into the town’s water supply. Nancy hasn’t paid though, er water bill, so maybe she’ll be spared whatever will befall Horseshoe Bay. (Side note: at this point the song No Moon by lyrix plays, and the lyrics that stood out to me were, “Don’t go on a witch hunt if you don’t want to find one.”)

Ace confronts Nancy at her office, sensing the pattern, and tries to kiss her, only for more glass to break. She finally confesses that they’re cursed and frankly I love this for them; the way they get so close to each other’s faces but can’t kiss reminds me of the delicious angst of Pushing Daisies and I’m here for it.

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