Miley Cyrus Makes Out With Nice Young Lady While Wearing Gold Sequins, Also Her #Instapride Campaign Is Legit

Although Gothip Girl has speculated about the state of Miley Cyrus‘ relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell in the past, we previously determined that the two were more than likely just very good friends. Turns out, they’re such good friends that they swap spit in darkened parking lots outside Hollywood steakhouses, as seen in this video from the highbrow creepster offices of TMZ. We could show you that but instead we’ll show you this picture they took of themselves consensually:


So far no anonymous sources close to the pair have come forwards to confidentially tell a reliable tabloid publication about how absolutely smitten they are with each other or all the reasons why they’re a good match, as per proper Hollywood etiquette. In my imagination, a close friend tells Gothip Girl that the Belgian-born, New Zealand-based model has really put a smile on Miley Cyrus’ face, and that the two are having a blast together. Then the friend gives me a high five and twenty bucks before thanking me for our continued altruistic journalism and our focus on the issues that really matter to readers everywhere.

This has been a big year for Miley Cyrus; she announced in an interview that she’d had significant relationships with women, and also that she didn’t care to define her gender by binary terms. She also launched the Happy Hippie Foundation, whose website declares, “Our mission is to rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations.”

Her Instagram has been filled recently with stories of trans and non-binary people whose stories Miley finds inspiring, which helps promote awareness of LGBTQ issues to her 23.4 million followers.

Party in the USA

Party in the USA

Also, she and Stella met this pony:

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  1. Ok, so I’m really into Miley Cyrus again??? when did this happen?! but like, homie has grown up and figured shit out apparently and I say AWOMAN to that

    • I feel this so hard. What is happening? I never would’ve predicted this in a million years.

    • Yep, same. Now I just need her to do some more of those backyard sessions that I can really enjoy (I still can’t get over her flirting with Ariana Grande)

  2. I saw something about this this morning and my first thought was, “I can’t wait for Stef to write about this.”

    I was not disappointed! Imagine if all of this was happening while she was still Hannah Montana. The world surely would have imploded.

    • That was my first thought too!
      Stef and the Vapid Fluff category are the heroes we need.

  3. And of course the comments over here are so much cooler than the ones… over there

    • I made the mistake of scrolling down to the comments section on one of the other websites. Sigh. So soul crushing.

      • don’t read the comments ON miley’s instagram. like i guess probably some people are learning these things even exist because of her, but man, the people who are vocal about it…

        • You know, I find that this happens any time any celebrity posts anything related to homosexuality on their Instagram. June 26, especially, was a very trying time to be on that site as all the homophobes came out of the woodwork and threw tantrums on every celebrity’s congratulatory pictures about marriage equality. It was hilariously sad. Oh, and you should have seen how mad the Repuplicans were about Lea Delaria’s post yesterday. It was just a bunch of crying about #notallrepublicans and “just because we vote for racists and homophobes doesn’t mean we support what they stand for”. I was laughing my ass off at the cognitive dissonance.

          That said, Miley posts about her foundation pretty much everyday and most of the comments are supportive. I guess it’s a totally different thing for them to be faced with the reality that Miley might be dating a girl and they can’t ship her with whatever lame white boy is popular with them at the moment.

          • yeah, i know that for every 50 “lol of course gender is real, why do you think there are bathrooms” there’s one or two “omg this is exactly me”s, so in the end i think it’s helping. i’m actually really proud of miley for getting it together.

        • Never been more convinced to NOT get an Instagram. I don’t need any more internet toxicity.

  4. Of course Stella is straight….all straight girls let their BFF/galpal test their digital dexterity down their pants…duh! Not that i watch that video 500 times or something…

    • I only watched it once, but yeah I’m like “That said they were kissing. Where I come from her hands up my skirt is a step beyond kissing”

  5. I’m really glad that Miley is figuring out how to be the adult that she wants to be.

  6. I’m having flashbacks to the post when We Can’t Stop came out, and all the people predicting she was queer… y’all were right!

    • yo i think i knew ever since “see you again,” one of the greatest songs ever made.

      and come to think of it, i am KICKING MYSELF that i didn’t take this opportunity to use a quote from a friend and make that friend leslie announcing, “she’s just being miley.”


  7. Just a couple of gal pals enjoying some friendly bonding time while leisurely hanging out in one of Hollywood’s lesser known neighborhoods, nbd.

    • TRUE ugh what if we were looking at pics of Miley’s hetero wedding instead of that pic of her and Stella and the pony? ‘Twould be a dark world.

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