Do Butches Drink Busch? Answers To Your Burning Beer Demographic Questions

Ali’s Team Pick:

Beer and United States politics go hand in hand, both in the current Obama campaign and in my heart. I love both of these wonderful things, which is why this infographic by Mike Shannon and Will Feltus on National Journal is so fascinating. The duo has analyzed Scarborough Research data, which includes interviews with over 200,000 U.S. adults and it turns out that some beers have more Democratic drinkers, while others are enjoyed by a more Republican crowd. You are also more likely to vote if you drink hard cider than if you drink Busch. Who knew beer drinking was such a partisan activity?

After reading this chart, I feel like I need to rebrand myself. Who knew three of my favorite beers (Blue Moon, Leinenkugel and Samuel Adams) were the particular choice of Republicans? But hey, I can take comfort in two things. 1) At least I’m likely to vote and 2) I’ll take a good microbrew over the others any day.

Where do you fall on the chart and does it give you feelings? Vanessa was particularly bummed that she’s a Republican because Samuel Adams said so and vows to switch to her very favorite beverage, non-alcoholic chocolate milk. Laneia talked her off the ledge by recommending Fat Tire. Riese is confused about Amstel Light, as is Hansen about Heineken. Rachel thinks drinking barley wine means you’re queer, and I just think everyone should drink some beer and go vote. I myself am about to enjoy some Shocktop.

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      • Right? Maybe there’s just a geographic correlation going on. The particularly long hot summers in the Sun Belt and South would encourage the drinking of “Lite” (ew) beers. Not in midwinter perhaps, but the seasonal difference could still be statistically significant…

        • Geographic correlation that’s strongly tied to availability, for sure! On the shelves, it’s almost all Corona/Heinekin/Coors, which I think are like water even if they’re not “lite”.

          I don’t know how much seasonality plays into it, but this last visit *was* over Labor Day. I think at Christmas we just drank wine and mixed drinks anyway.

  1. For a brief moment I was worried that this article was spurred on by the fact that when I met Sara Medd the first thing I said to her was, “Oh my god. You drink Corona? That’s sad.” The 24 hour beer snob shame spiral that followed was lesson enough.

  2. Also, I don’t know where I fall because Abita’s not on here! I imagine it’s pretty centered since it’s a southern beer (possibly just Louisiana?) but also it seems that mostly cool people drink it, so…

  3. interesting fact: molson-coors is responsible for molson, blue moon, coors light, miller lite, miller high life, carling, and that magical awful piss called keystone light. all the same company. interesting that one of them is left-leaning and the rest all fall into republican waters.

  4. I literally laughed out loud at “Any microbrew” on the top left, because yes. Shiner Bock’s presence on the right makes me a little sad; however, it’s not terribly surprising considering the regional availability.

    HOORAY BEER (that’s enjoyed by forward thinkers). ;)

    • Julie!
      Hey I agree with you I don’t care how “manly” or “feminine” or repub, dem or what ever the fuck beer it is perceived to be. We can probably both agree that smirnoff is not the way to go.

      oh my i probably creeped you out with the shout out of the first name.

  5. I’d love to see one of these done for belgium.

    Also fairly happy to see heineken drank by democrats, sad to see amstel on the right, also sad to see no belgian beers, cos if you’re not getting belgian ales in the US, you are really missing out.

  6. A lot of these are definitely regional and that’s why they’re Republican-leaning (well, at least Yuengling and Lenie’s).

    I’m allergic to beer! But hey, cider. And my ex liked Sierra Nevada so I suspect she would be very pleased by its placement.

    • Hey, the gluten-free beers count as microbrew. At least, I don’t know of one that’s made by a big brewery.

      (My beer snob little sister routinely ignores her gluten intolerance in favor of her beloved microbrews. She says she didn’t realize Omission was GF until it was pointed out to her, it was that good.)

      • Glorious thing–I’m allergic to sorghum and buckwheat, too, which are major components of gluten free beers. Although something like Omission mighttttt work (I get nervous with things that are brewed with barley? But then I drink hard liquor which is distilled from things I’m allergic to, soooo).

        • I definitely understand your hesitation! A friend of mine is SUPER SUPER gluten intolerant–she had to ditch her entire kitchen, and now tests all her food at restaurants and such–but she can handle Omission just fine. But then again, I hear it’s possible to be glutened without symptoms, at least if you’re celiac.

          GF and also allergic to sorghum and buckwheat? That super sucks; at least you have the liquor. :(

      • Ish? You can’t get it everywhere. I keep thinking it’s a Wisconsin beer cause my friend from Wisconsin loves it, but it’s a Pennsylvania/Southern beer (those are the two bottling plants). Actually it never gets to Wisconsin. And now I’m really confused.

        Anyway it’s not distributed nationwide, so I’m right even though I was wrong? Weird.

  7. That is pretty accurate for my family. Mom likes Guinness and Stella, I like cider, and Dad tends to keep cheap whatever-lite on hand. I’m not really sure how my big bro votes, but do I know he likes ales from our local breweries.

  8. yay! Hard cider is on the level! Pshew. Thought it might be a tory drink for a second.

    I have to be careful with beer now (wooooeeeeee) but happily pear cider is on draft at a lot of places i frequent, so I am able to be mildly inebriated as well as the next person!

  9. I feel like this is regionally skewed, but I won’t pretend I’m angry that Northern California (Sierra Nevada + Tons of Microbreweries + Ace Hard Cider) is a region that is really Democratic and more likely to vote.

    Also I will rep my unabashed love for Consecration and Pliny, both the Elder and Younger, from Russian River Brewery.

    Though my Republican father drinks Sam Adams, even though he has access to some of the best beer in the world.

  10. Aww, you guys have no idea what beer really is about! Belgian beer is what’s good for queers! Yeah, all of them, whatever the one you get! ;)
    First of all the taste is awesome. I personally recommend Chimay or Rochefort if you like strong beer, or fruity stuff like Kriek and Kasteel if that’s more your taste. On the political side, Belgium is one of the only countries in the world where voting is mandatory. Plus, we have a gay prime minister. So I guess that puts belgian beers at the top left corner of the chart?
    Oh, f*ck, maybe it counts as microbrew?
    Doesn’t matter, go get some! :p

    Also, I have to tell the world this one truth: Stella Artois is NOT a refined brevage, no matter what AB inbev says! :p (although it’s still a nice drink to have after a long day’s work)

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