What if Sunday Funday Was Your Girlfriend? Dee Rees, Natalie Portman, and Carrie Brownstein Could Obvs Come Over And Play.

I’m officially no longer a Sunday Funday virgin, y’all. And I’m like so excited to share this monumental occasion with each and every one of you. I wish actually losing my virginity had been this exciting. Also, it’s Mother’s Day so if you like your mom(s) and are still able to call her or go see her or something, maybe go do that now. You can always come back later. Hope you don’t mind if I help myself to what’s in your fridge and hey, do you have twenty bucks for a cab?

Acclaimed Fictional Ballet Dancer & Rapper, Natalie Portman Set to Star as Ruth Bader Ginsberg in Upcoming Biopic

Maybe I’m the only one who remembers that time Natalie Portman rapped on SNL. I don’t think I am though. Anyway, yo, she’s going to play the Notorious RBG and we’re all gonna watch it. Maybe she’ll lay down Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Ten Supreme Court Justice Commandments for the soundtrack.

image via vulture

image via vulture

Oh Come All Ye Faithful To Gay Religious Things

Daughter of Raúl Castro, Mariela Castro, sponsored a blessings ceremony for gay couples in Cuba on Saturday. Gay marriage is still illegal in Cuba but the ceremony represents shifting attitudes towards LGBTQ folks and Mariela Castro’s commitment to the community. PS- Dozens of homolicious couples held hands and wept while being blessed by various Catholic and Pentecostal Clergy folks.

Cuba Gay Rights-4

The Archbishop of Westminster is set to say holy words and give love to the LGBTQ community at mass today at the Church of the Immaculate Conception. So like if that’s something you’re into, go get you’re church on.


Shonda Rhimes and Dee Rees Team Up As World’s Greatest Storytelling Duo

Shonda Rhimes is basically the goddess of mainstream television. See Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder – ICYDK. And Dee Rees wrote and directed one of the greatest girl-on-girl films of all time, Pariah. Together, they’re bringing Isabel Wilkerson’s book The Warmth of Other Suns to FX.

The book chronicles the movement of some 6 million African-Americans from the south into the north and western regions of the country from the period of 1915 to 1970. “Warmth of Other Suns” tells much of the story through the eyes of three characters who made the journey in different decades. Wilkerson, a Pulitzer Prize winner for her work at the New York Times, earned a host of critical kudos for the book.

image via thehollywoodreporter

image via thehollywoodreporter

But Like For Real Tho, What If Carrie Brownstein Was Your Girlfriend?

I’m like the worst 30something queer on the planet cuz I was like wait, who’s Carrie Brownstein? Feel free to throw Sleater Kinney cds at my head – thank you, Wikipedia. Anyway, Lindsay King-Miller over at the Toast wrote an entire thing dedicated to this v important what if.

If Carrie Brownstein were your girlfriend, your cats wouldn’t just love her, they’d love each other. They’d curl up between you and Carrie Brownstein in bed, no hissing or posturing, just warmth and softness. They’d constantly be head-butting each other out of the way in order to snuggle with her, but they’d never come to blows about it. Somehow she would never get cat hair on her clothes.

carrie brownstein gif

Macedonian Protestor Serves Hard Femme Realness Against Police Brutality

The badass woman alert twitter handle posted this last night and I’m so for it. Protests started in Macedonia on Tuesday due to long-stemming tension with the government over police cover-ups of killing a student in 2011 and violations of human rights.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 12.25.25 AM

Wentworth Crushes Competition At Australian Logie Awards

Wentworth is the Australian version of OITNB but with more fight scenes and less sing-a-longs. I’m obsessed with Bea Smith’s new undercut and the actress who plays her, Danielle Cormack, won a Logie Award. Wentworth as a whole also won for Outstanding Drama, so yeah! Also, hey Australia, why are your words so weird?

bea smith gif

Gay Acrobats Get Engaged On Italian TV

Two members of Les Farfadais, an acrobatics troupe, got all sorts of gay-engaged in front of everyone watching Italia’s Got Talent while wearing the best silver outfits on the planet. And no, same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Italy but maybe these two adorable gayze can bend some political/religious hearts.

gay acrobats

Danielle Brooks of OITNB Shares Mad Personal Stuff & Implores Young Girls To Love Themselves

And then I fell in love with her all over again. In an essay for Glamour magazine, Brooks shares some deep and dark stuff about her adolescence, including thoughts of suicide and body-hate, and how she overcame it all. She ends the essay with a promise to speak up for little girls who may be bullied or shamed and shares how her body is a source of joy.

I’m making a promise to speak out for that little girl that I used to be. I might not have the power to change what media puts out there, or to single-handedly convince young girls like me that they should love themselves. But what I can do is start with me: living each day, embracing who I am. Embracing who I am by refusing to hide my legs or or cover my arms because they make someone else feel uncomfortable. By realizing that every stretch mark on my body is kissed by the sun, and no longer wishing them away. By no longer operating out of a place of fear. So if you see me on a carpet with my arms and legs out glistening, or my midriff exposed, it’s a reminder to myself and the world that I know I’m beautiful.

danielle brooks

Mother’s Day Brunch As An Act Of Feminism

Did you know that once upon a time women eating out in public without men was illegal? And when it was legal, people still thought you were a big old trollop if you did it? I didn’t but NPR put out this piece for Momma’s Day that connects brunch to revolutionary acts of feminism. You should read it.

image via shutterbean

image via shutterbean

We End With The World’s Cutest Child

According to me and everyone who’s ever watched this video, like this is what your Mom, Dad, parent, sig other, favorite teacher and first cat, see when they look at your beautiful face.

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  1. If had Carrie Brownstein as my gf I’d probably never stop staring at her and feeling out on how adorable she is. I’d also try to sing to her, but fail cause it’s Carrie! Damn.

    • but i bet you’d be so cute singing to her, unless you stared at her without blinking the whole time then maybe that’d be weird but otherwise it’d be so cute.

  2. Hi! This is just a request to **please** switch out the “Gay, Catholic, and Doing Fine” picture. It’s from LifeTeen, which is in no way queer affirming, and is the title of (and a link to) an article that basically tries to convince young lgbtq adults that God will still love them, but only if they’re celibate forever and ever amen.

    It was the first thing I found when I started looking for ways to connect with other queer Catholics. And it was the last thing I needed.

  3. Hello! Where have you been able to watch Wentworth? It’s my favorite show on the whole planet and I can’t wait till it comes on Netflix. Help a sister out please?!

    • The first two seasons are already on Netflix in the US. The third season is currently airing right now in Aus. They are about 5 episodes in. I wish Autostraddle could get an Australian to do recaps of it every week. It’s such a crazy show.

    • my girl is the bomb at using project free tv. we watch wentworth there. all three seasons are available. watch out for the porn-ish pop ups. eeep!

      • Is it hard to use? I would love to not wait forever to see it! Even 5 new episodes would be wonderful!! Any tips are appreciated!

  4. Aw poor baby Danielle.
    Puberty is fucking awful. Your mind has started to form a fixed view you who your are and what your body is and then BAM! funhouse mirror of doom inside and out.
    And fuck that old biddy, it’s rude as hell to point out things about other people’s bodies and straight up nasty to do to a child.

    I feel like inserting an anecdote about my stretch marks being super awesome lightening bolts like flames on a hot rod cause that’s what they look like on me and tie in that time I got electrocuted, but rude ass elders crush my funny bone like a boot crushes a bug.

    • let’s make two lists. you do weird ass american words & i’ll do the aussie ones n then we’ll compare them n see who wins for the weirdest. i straight up died the first time i heard “bunta” tho.

      • US words: Australian/Kiwi words

        Garbanzo beans = Chickpeas
        Anesthesiologist = Anaesthetist
        Fall = Autumn
        Trailer trash = Bogan
        Duvet = Doona (Aust) Duvet (Kiwi)
        Friends/Pals = Mates
        Broken/damaged = Munted (NZ earthquake)
        Bangs = Fringe
        Fight/brawl = Handbags at dawn
        Trash = Rubbish
        Bathroom = Toilet/bog/longdrop
        Fanny = Vagina
        Butt = Bum
        Eraser = Rubber
        Rubber = Condom
        Ass = Donkey/Arse
        Cilantro = Coriander.

        My family was on holiday in the U.S. (we are New Zealanders)in 1986 and my sister then aged about 6yrs, went into a shop/dairy, or store, with my Dad, and asked to buy a rubber. My Dad was standing right behind her. The shopkeeper had no idea what she was talking about, and hoped to hell it wasn’t what he thought she was talking about. She pointed to an eraser, and then, the world was in it’s right orbit. Awkward.

  5. There was a queer lady proposal at the stand-up gig I went to last night. It was super cute despite my antipathy towards public proposals.

    • awww. and yea i feel you. i think they’re sweet but i wouldn’t do that to someone. unless i was wearing a skin tight silvery-sparkly outfit.

  6. Ok but is the proposing acrobat gently cupping the ring in his upturned hand because I LOVE THAT NOW.

  7. actually started crying while reading the one about Carrie Brownstein because i want that so much


  8. Thanks for the way you wrote the Mother’s Day section, it’s nice for us estranged folks to feel included!

  9. YO WENTWORTH! My current obsession. You can find season 3 online for free if you’re like me in America and don’t get exclusively aussie channels (and went through the first two seasons in like a week).
    How I would compare it to OITNB: There’s some humor in there, but MUCH less light-hearted, and much more intense. In general, you can walk away from OITNB with a smile, but with Wentworth, you’re like WUTTTTTT.


    • and besides Bea’s undercut being so damn sexy, have you noticed that they keep her in muscle shirts now? like hnnnggg….ayyyy.

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