Suit Yourself: Wildfang & Lucca Couture Are Bringing Sharp Tailoring to the Masses

all photos courtesy of Wildfang

Portland based retailers Wildfang have made a name for themselves as purveyors of tomboy fashion. Curating a selection of apparel made for the rough and tumble crowd, they’ve managed to remain decidedly fashion forward. Their latest venture is a collaboration with LA brand Lucca Couture on a set of tailored suiting. Following the lead of fashionable #galpals Cara Delevigne & Kirsten Stewart, suiting and matching sets are back in vogue for the non-business, strictly non-dapper set. Hell, I want a suit (and I never thought I would).

The Wildfang X Lucca Couture collaboration sees a collection of mix and match separates, in both slim and relaxed silhouettes. Tuxedo detailing and slim cut trousers are juxtaposed with wide legged tousers and double breasted jackets. If paired with a tee, these could easily head to the bar for a paddle of local craft beer. Throw them on with a collared shirt and tie and you’ve got more of consummate queer professional vibe. Either way, it’s a casually chic way to get dressed.

You can shop the collection at!

105009-lucca-couture-exclusively-for-wildfang-the-hutton-double-breasted-blazer-3 The Dietrich Blazer & The Poitier PantLuccaWildfang6 The Ryder Double Breasted Blazer & The Chaplin Trouser 2LuccaWildfang1

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Lydia O

Lydia Okello is a feminist, body positive, queer personal style blogger. On her website Style is Style, she showcases her panache for bright colors and power clashing. When she isn't pawing over Samantha Pleet collections on Tumblr, she's dreaming about havin' a kitten of her own one day. You can find her on Twitter, Tumblr and on her personal blog.

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  1. Yeah…no. They don’t offer anything above a size large, so color me unimpressed. They’re a queer label based in Portland (a generally quite size-positive city with a large [pun intended] fat and queer fat population) and they can’t be bothered to even go up to an XXL?

    And I find their answer (“We really wish we had that thing in your size, trust us. Being a small start-up meant that we had to take a gamble, stocking the sizes that we felt would sell out the fastest.”) disingenuous at best. I get that funds are limited in the start-up phase, but this is exclusion from the get-go and it’s gross.

    • I’m so over this undercurrent that androgyny=thinness and I never realized how much I internalized it until I started to visit queer fat fashions blogs. As I totally feel the “tomboy femme” style, I have to check myself when I’m like “these hips don’t lie, so only x for me!”

      Wildfang could be doing something interesting but alas it’s the same story.

  2. Wildfang has such wonderful clothes and I frequently find myself staring longingly at the website, but I find the fact that they don’t provide a size chart super weird? It really puts me off because it’s so much money to get it wrong, I’d have to really save hard for even a t-shirt from there and I’d be ordering internationally so returns would hardly be a breeze. Plus as previously stated by an earlier commenter, they only go up to an XL. As someone who jusssst falls into that if the planets properly align that day, I’d really like to be sure it wouldn’t end up being skin tight on.

    TL;DR- I love you wildfang please give me a size chart or bigger sizes so I can start saving my pennies

    • I have ordered from them twice. I am bigger in the shoulders and usually have to buy XL-XXL to fit and drown in the rest of the shirt. Every XL I ordered fit perfectly. With lots of room to move. I have never found a pair of pants even remotely close to my size on the site though. The customer service I got was the best, replies within minutes to questions that I had. And delivery within two days to Canada.

  3. I think Wildfang gets a lot of their clothing from different companies, especially companies that maybe target their clothing at cis men only, which MAY be a reason they can’t provide a size chart for female bodied people? This is also maybe a reason for smaller sizes (because the companies they order from only make things up to an XL so they can only offer it in an XL)?
    Just offering an idea as to WHY this may be, but I don’t think it is at all acceptable, excusable, or okay. There’s rad companies that target cis men that make things in all sizes and would totally fit into wildfangs aesthetic so I dunno why they aren’t looking there.

  4. My partner has been wanting to find a suit trailered to the female body for some time now. Naturally, she got really excited when she heard about this and immediately ordered the size large online. She is curvy, average size and it didn’t fit her.

    We are from Portland, so I went with her to the store to return it. I was so extremely put off by the limited sizes. I mean, come on, any company targeting women should also be promoting positive female body image. Instead, you must be super small (and super wealthy) to shop here. Way too trendy and hardly progressive enough to be selling itself as it is.

    Potential, but very much falling short…

  5. Mmmm yeah all the models seem to have the same body type and everything is so expensive. -_- no thanks

  6. I’m really confused as to whether this company is selling clothes tailored for cis-male bodies or they have taken men’s fashion styles and tailored them for cis-women’s bodies. Can anyone clarify this?

    • Wildfang sells clothing from cis-male and female brands. In the case of this collection, the suiting has been made for female bodied people. I hope that helps!

  7. Based on the comments I was expecting really exorbitant prices, like $200 blouses. The prices seems reasonable for non Forever21 type brands that I presume are paying workers a fair wage and using decent fabrics and stitching.

    Now if these brands aren’t and it’s just a mark up, that’s a whole other story, but I expect to pay for what clothes are actually worth and simply buy less of them.

    With that said the selection is a bit hipster for my taste. I prefer my more masculine inspired clothing to be a little more classic.

    I live in Portland. I don’t know if Portland is any more size-positive when it comes to fashion than any other city. I actually felt that there were more options in LA when it came to fashion for a diverse range of sizes. Portland has an image, whether it follows through on that image is a whole other story in my opinion.

    • Yeah, I would never wear anything the way they’ve styled their clothes on the model so it’s hard for me to see myself wearing anything from this collection.

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