OPEN THREAD: Thank Goddess It’s Christmakwanzakah

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I want to know everything about your holigay celebrations and your day-to-day life and I want to know it now and I ideally want you to wrap it up in tissue paper inside of a baby pink plastic bag and then put that bag inside of a box inside of a box inside of a box inside of a box, with each box intricately wrapped in paper, so that I can spend as much time immersed in the everlasting gift of your love as possible.

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Durham 12/16: Holigay Meet-Up

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Hey cats and kittens! Kaity and Layla are hosting an Autostraddle Holigay Meetup! We can promise some combination of the following:
(A) queer people
(B) tasty drinks
(C) board games
(D) not your family
(E) shenanigans
(F) … maybe even hand turkeys!!

2 months ago