Zoie Palmer Totally Has A Girlfriend: “Lost Girl” Actress Thanks Partner at Canadian Screen Awards

Last year, when we asked our readers to vote for their favorite out queer women for the annual Hot 100, heaps of readers ignored the “out” part and voted in droves for Ellen Pagewho came out last month. The other frontrunner in the “women you voted for even though you weren’t supposed to” category? Zoie Palmer, who plays the dashing lesbian doctor Lauren in Lost GirlAnd last night, at the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards, Palmer won the Fan’s Choice Award and in her acceptance speech, pulled a Jodie Foster and thanked her “incredible partner” Alex Lalonde. And by partner, sources say, she meant, you know, partner. Zoie also thanked her son, Lucas, who is said to be Lalonde’s son from a previous relationship. He’s probably really cute.

Alex Lalonde and Zoie Palmer

Alex Lalonde and Zoie Palmer at TIFF in 2012

Here’s that speech, in which Palmer is wearing a dykey bracelet, looks super gay, and is up on stage with her co-star Anna Silk, who plays Lauren’s on-again off-again lady-love, Bo, on Lost Girl:

Palmer was born in England but grew up in Newmarket, Ontario, getting involved in theater as a teenager. She’s been working steadily in the US and Canada since 2002, grabbing parts in made-for-TV movies like The Reagans and recurring roles in shows like the CTV teen series Instant Star and Global TV series The Guard. She recently starred in Sex After Kids, a romantic comedy written and directed by Jeremy Lalonde, who I think we can safely say is related to Alex Lalonde. (UPDATE: Apparently not. There must be lots of Lalondes in Canada!) Her role as Lauren on Lost Girl, which began in 2010, is what vaulted her into the hearts and minds of queer women all over the galaxy. Bo and Lauren were named Top TV Couple by E! Online in 2013, Best Lesbian/Bi Character of 2013 on AfterEllen and a Top Queer TV Character of 2012 on Autostraddle. 


Zoie has been involved with TV Producer Alex Lalonde (who tweeted her excitement over Palmer’s win) for an unspecified period of time. The two were involved in some of the same projects in the past. Anthropologists report an early sighting of the two women together on twitter in 2011, but it’s impossible to know for sure. Undoubtedly, additional unverified information will continue trickling in.

For now, let’s just bask in the glory of the goddess who is blessing us with so many hot smart ladies coming out this year. Who knows, the next one could be YOU.


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  1. I don’t watch Lost Girl but it’s impossible to be on tumblr and not think Lauren and Zoie are gorgeous and awesome. This has been an amazing year so far!

  2. I just shouted “WHAT” loud enough for my entire neighborhood to hear I’m pretty sure.

  3. Love this. Anna is so cute. At first I thought it caught her off guard because she appears to get a teeny bit flustered, but she’s grinning before Zoie says it like she knows it’s gonna happen. Then after saying her line she looks at Zoie like all proud-like, meanwhile Zoie is playin’ it cool as a cucumber.

  4. AHHHHHHH!! I knew there was a reason I jumped ship from team Bo to team Lauren. Zoie Palmer is amazing. Today is a good day!

  5. I literally squealed on the train and now everyone is staring at me. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE.

  6. Wait, I thought she was out already? Huh. I’m still super happy for her and her partner though, they’re adorable together.

    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere on Tumblr that Alex Lalonde and Jeremy Lalonde are unrelated, though I could totally be wrong on that one

  7. I’ve been a fan of Zoie since Instant Star, a show I still have an insane amount of irrational love for and still listen to Alexz Johnson’s music.

    I was actually surprised that most people were freaking out about this because I was positive that Zoie was already out. But if she wasn’t I guess congrats are in order.

      • Instant Star was the shit. That was when The N was still around and you had Degrassi and SoN and Instant Star. I used to stan so hard for Alexz Johnson’s music and still do. She has amassed a pretty large catalogue of music during and after the show but I doubt most Americans have heard of her.

  8. Congrats to Zoie!

    Just wanted to throw it out there that Zoie wears a ring on her left hand and has for a while. Don’t ask me how I know this but it’s definably the reason why I went on an internet stalking mission a few months ago and convinced myself she was married to a woman. Seems I was right (not necessarily about the married part) so yay!

  9. Ahhhh! This is awesome.

    I always had a little feeling about her, but never really put that much thought into it. But, yeah, good for her for coming out (or at least making it known to a wider group of people). It always nice to know that there are more of us than we previously thought and that we’re that much less alone out there.

  10. I wish you would consider deleting this comment from your article: “who is said to be Lalonde’s son from a previous relationship.”

    Zoie acknowledged her family last night. She did not discuss how her family was made, so why must we speculate on it? I realize it’s probably not your intention, but the comment implies that Alex is his “real” mother, not Zoie. I would hope that LGBT media would be sensitive to the fact that families are made in a variety of ways.

    Zoie acknowledged her partner and her son. Let’s leave it at that.

    • I appreciate where you’re coming from, but I took this as less of an “ooh, how can lesbians possibly have babies together” type comment, and more of a “here’s more proof that by ‘partner’ she probably didn’t mean business associate” type comment.

  11. *Nae nae’s in to post*
    *twerks out of post*

  12. So what I’m getting out of this is that autostraddle readers have some sort of ESP that allows them to predict who will come out in a year.

  13. As an Anthropology major, I wish that combing through the debris of twitter/facebook/tumblr/etc. to collect evidence about queer celebrities was actually a viable employment option.

  14. I followed this here, via Google Images, to see about her cat. And yet, no picture of Zoie and the cat. BOO! lol

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