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Lindsay Lohan’s PR Machine De-Gays Lesbian Relationship with Sam

Bisexual Lindsay Lohan wants to get back together with Sam, but is now sticking to the “Sam is the only girl I ever liked” storyline. We know it’s just a story, but we explain why it matters that they’re making her tell it. Gaga exemplifies the modern age with her stardom. Natalie Portman is working on a female stoner comedy. Oh, and we shamelessly ask you to vote for us in some contests!


Much Ado About Bisexuality

Are we all bi? Who’s tired of labels? Plus, the de-gay-ifying of A Single Man, Maddow’s just a journalist, New Hampshire will vote on repealing gay marriage, and we had so much fun at Stiletto on Sunday!

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The Girls of Candy Slice Comedy: The Autostraddle Photoshoot & Interview

Candy Slice Comedy’s parody of Lady Gaga & Beyoncè’s “Video Phone” blasted the all-girl improv group into the starry galaxies of YouTube fame. We catch up with the crazy, sexy, hilarious girls for a killer photoshoot & an interview that will make you ROFL all night long. Topics discussed include vagina dialogues, how babies ruin improv, and brand overlords.

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Jillian Michaels: First Lady to Ever Come Out (Bisexual) in “Ladies Home Journal”

Jillian Michaels tells LHJ she’s open to finding love with either gender (yay bisexuals!) and also we think she has a girlfriend, Korean Actress Lee Na-young will play a trans character in an upcoming film, Lindsay Lohan speaks out about the dangers of prescription drugs w/r/t Casey Johnson, plus Rosie, Lady Gaga, Hayden kissed a girl and she liked it, Ellen behind-the scenes, Sherlock Holmes and REALLY HOT GIRLS all the way from the UK!


“The Real World” Recap: Washington DC, Show Me Your Bisexuals!

In this new reality-TV-saturated world of ours, has the genre’s pioneer swapped stories about sexuality for stories about sex? “The Real World Washington DC” attempts to knock some sense into these drunk crazy sex-hungry animals by giving them Human Rights Campaign jobs, religion, patriotically inspired decor and you know, um, a hot tub and two bisexuals.

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Real World DC’s Bisexual Emily: Writes Poems, is Adorable, Was in a Cult, is “Wild at Heart”

The Real World DC premieres tonight and Emily, a super-cute 21-year-old bisexual, confesses that she’s “not sure the positives will outweigh the negatives.” Also, Ep 202 of Anyone But Me, Lohan’s 6126 line, Rosie & Kelli both have new ladyfriends now, Goldfrapp=gay, Brittany Murphy updates, a call for bi writers, and more Top 20/30/100 lists!

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A Shot at Tila Tequila: The Autostraddle Interview

Autostraddle stops talking about Tila and talks to her instead: “Hopefully, after people read this interview, it will change their minds about me. But if not, it doesn’t matter. I’m still happy. I’m still going to fight for our right to get married. I’m going to buy my Teletubbies pajamas, and throw pickles at paparazzi!”


I’m In Love With Australian Musician Sia: Top Ten Reasons Why

When quirky Australian-born, NY-based singer/songwriter Sia recently returned to her homeland to tour, it was everything Audiostraddle music editor Crystal had hoped for and then so much more. And now, from dating JD Samson to nonsensical tweeting to making sweet music with X-tina: Crystal explains exactly what it is about this goofy singer that she loves so hard.

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A Tale of Two Bisexuals

The Frisky gives advice to a 25-year-old newbie to the girl-dating scene and New York Magazine gives us “The Polyamorous Publishing Person in a Long-Term Relationship.” Also; Kirk Cameron’s confused about Athiests, MacArthur finds more geniuses; awards them.