It’s January 3, Do You Remember What You Did On NYE?

It’s the New Year hotties!

It’s 2020 and we are three days in and as Drew suggested in our Slack chat, some of y’all are probably still somewhere hungover. I, however, am awake and hydrated (enough) and ready to get this shit started. That’s largely because I had to jump back into my 6am shifts at the cafe on Thursday, but on the 1st I greeted the new year as I always do, by waking up and answering the adult version of the 5 W’s I learned in elementary school.

Who: Just me + one cat that does not belong to me. At midnight I rang in the new year with kisses from friends and family both old and new, but the babe that I am currently hanging out with wasn’t around and we recently decided to be sexually monogamous. So I happily packed up my purse and pussy and all three of us left the party solo this year.

What: After the party, we went to a Taco Bell filled with other queers who were just trying to wrap their lips around a crunchy taco or a cheesy roll-up. We waited ONE WHOLE ASS HOUR for our food. When I woke up I had a mild sauce packet under my hips, one single strand of tinsel caught in my locs and a Kit-Kat was under the pillow.

Where: On my best friend’s couch, she lives closest to where the party was so crashing at hers was the easiest decision. She is also the owner of the aforementioned cat that was staring me down in the morning.

When: At 7:22am because I am a fucking psychopath. I should have slept well into the day but my body clock is off for so many reasons. I packed up my overnight bag, grabbed some water and coffee from the market next door and was headed back to my neighborhood by 8:30am.

Why: Because it was the day after my favorite holiday and I am allowed to be messy whenever I want but especially on January 1.

I am desperate to know the 5 W’s of your New Year’s Eve. Comment and share below!

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Shelli Nicole

Shelli Nicole is a Detroit-raised, Chicago-based writer. Her work has appeared in Bustle, HelloGiggles & Marie Claire. She is terrified of mermaids and teenagers equally.

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  1. Who: Woke up with my girlfriend.
    What: We went off the grid for NYE to a wifi-less cabin (there was a compost toilet, but I digress). Stayed up until midnight drinking champagne and talking about our hopes for the year.
    Where: Way up north Vermont in a tree house.
    When: Around 9am, stayed in bed for a bit before packing up to head home.
    Why: Because we’re very gay and I’m a huge cliche of a therapist so the idea of starting our year in intentionality and connection sounded great? (PS it *was* great!)

  2. I set up a first date on NYE 7 yrs ago, intending to leave after a few hrs. But somehow the day became night became a 2am kiss and a life partnership. Now 1 horse, 2 cats, and 4 moves later, we celebrate the anniversary/holiday by… watching some shows and falling asleep before midnight. I guess we’re officially old but at least we often bone as well!

    • Who: a gal I met on Lex. We met up the Sunday before for coffee and figured out we have a lot in common, and I was kind of smitten by how smart and thoughtful she was.

      What: First we went to a spoken word event, and after that we aimlessly rode the subway, since we couldn’t really think of anywhere else to be. When the clock struck twelve, I wasn’t bold enough to go for a kiss, but on the train back I held her pinky. After a bit she went to hold my hand, and we just sat in blissful silence until my stop.

      Where: My parents’ house, since I’m home from school for the holidays.

      When: 7:30, since I’m a deeply boring person.

      Why: She asked me to spend NYE with her after the first date, which is/was absolutely astounding. I’ve always been afraid of dating as someone still early-transition, and I’m a pretty awkward person as well, so it still feels unreal.

      Additional note: this doesn’t fit into any of the above categories cleanly, but I’ve just been over the moon these past few days. Ten years ago, I was a scared kid worried about being alone forever if I was trans. One year ago, I was still pre-transition, working a dead end job, and deeply depressed. But now, I’m ringing in the new year with a promise to see a play + dinner with her, and I’m so happy with how much has changed for the better.

    • First time at a gay bar! I’ve been bugging my fiancée to go to one for two years, but she is not a fan of the bar scene. We ended up making friends with another lesbian couple and had a blast, including boozy brunch the next day. Overall success!

  3. Who: Me, my wife and two of our three cats (we have two apartments and the other cat goes with the other apartment)
    What: NYE thrills and excitement included: half a glass of rosé cider, a jigsaw puzzle we gave up on because it was taking too long, and bedtime by 11 p.m.
    Where: at home
    When: Woke up from a deep and restful sleep at about 8 a.m. which I consider a good omen for the year
    Why: Holidays are made up, time isn’t real and sleep is more enjoyable than forcing yourself to stay awake until midnight trying to find all the damn edge pieces why are they all the same colour whose idea was this anyway

  4. Who: i hung out with the director of the school where I work and her family (sort of the equivalent of a Principal)
    What: when the clock struck midnight we ate 12 grapes (tradition in Spain) and then afterwards I went out with her daughter and friends for a few hours
    Where: pamplona Spain. We ended up going to an underground bar with dancing and danced for a while. Everyone else was in costumes (tradition in pamplona only. Like, Halloween level care and group coordination)
    When: went to bed at 4am and woke up at 9:30
    Why: because I am new to Spain and very thankful for any social opportunity anyone invites me to!

  5. Who: Me home with the flu
    What: me high of cold meds & cannabis
    Where: Home
    When: somewhere around 10am
    Why: slept most of the 1st due to the flu

    my bff did send me a new year’s video looking really very make-outable & hot so there is that. But, I was out of it for most of the night & day. oof.

  6. Who: Me (my ex was in the other room, not together)
    What: Falling asleep again and again
    Where: On the bus, on the couch, in bed…
    When: On the way home, before dinner, immediately after dinner
    Why: I wake up around 4 and work all day. I spent the 1st in my pajamas feeling pretty good about myself. Other than that, I slept through my dad’s birthday party.

  7. Cowered inside from the thick blanket of smoke everywhere – Canberra was awarded the prize for worst air quality in the world on NYD and the prize was… more smoke! We also watched as 12 million acres burned to the ground! It was pretty grim but we did share it with some very lovely queers.

  8. Who: me alone physically, a person online for a big chunk of it, and radio/records
    What: dozing in between online chatting
    Where: in the flat
    When: most of the day
    Why: it was the nicest way I could spend the day

  9. who: me and my elderly jehovah’s witness coworker
    what: working an overnight shift (11pm to 7am). l’chaim!
    where: at work, wishing for death and watching about sixteen straight episodes of please like me starring josh thomas
    when: alllllll night long baby
    why: capitalism yet again ruining the things i hold dear (i.e, being frisky on new years eve)

  10. Who: me (my dad had gone upstairs to sleep earlier and my mom and and brother had left to take my sister to the airport)
    What: Spice Girls music videos and fan fiction (thanks, Autostraddle, for sending me down that rabbit hole!) and an academic article I was writing about Elena/o de Céspedes
    When: I quit writing around 4 am, I think – much too late for me
    Where: basement of my parents’ house
    Why: the article was due…as to the Spice Girls, I didn’t really listen to pop back in elementary school (my mom played country and kids’ music so my siblings wouldn’t pick up curse words), but it’s kind of nice to retroactively appreciate some of the important pop culture of my generation but with a queer lens I didn’t know was possible back in the ‘90s

    • Who: Me, my girlfriend, our favorite lesbian buds,and most of their friends. Including one who was all about the drama apparently?

      Where: At the home of these soon to be married lesbian buds.

      What: A house party where only hard liquor was being poured. All mixers were ignored in a futile attempt to feel 20 again. This was a mistake.

      When: From 9:30 PM to around 5 AM in the morning. We were ready to pass out at 2 AM, but aforementioned dramatic friend made a big fuss about me and bae getting the guest bedrooom that was promised to us– because it was two of us & only one of her. She also said she would take the couch at some point apparently? So it was assumed that us taking the guest bedroom was okay. (Right or wrong in this assumption?) Of course this led to a 3 hour conversation dissecting what her motivation could possibly be because…lesbians.

      Why: We wanted to be drunk af going into the new year. Fun was had. But the hangovers we *just*got over just told us to sit our asses down next year.

  11. No longer Friday but.

    Who : me and my ex-wife/current roommate
    What : NYE party
    Where : my favourite local
    When : 9pm-2am ish
    Why : Because I have a crush on all the staff, the beer is fantastic, and bonus points for getting a really, really awesome hug and a few friendly kisses from said staff. Next year though, I think I’ll go for a gayer environment. Contrary to last year’s NYE, this year at the pub was a bit too straight.

    I had a few good gay get-togethers leading up to NYE though, so 2020’s looking up !

  12. Who: My partner, myself, a 1984 Ford F-350 diesel truck.
    What: Furiously eating pickled eggs and crying because we’d driven a long way, an especially long way if only one of you can drive stick and the other can’t sleep in cars, and we had a long way to drive yet and were so, so tired, and also we saw 6 moose on the highway, and felt very lucky.
    Where: An Esso in Smithers, BC, while a car full of absolutely obliterated humans argued with a police officer about why they absolutely SHOULD be getting a jump-start to drive home.
    When: 6am on New Year’s day, not having slept since the previous 6am, which seemed a lifetime ago, across cool fields and wide oceans, and definitely smelled a lot better than this 6am.
    Why: The alternative was to stay with my family for another day and 11 was quite enough. Happy new Year Y’all!

  13. Who: My poor dog who has been give the max of “calming treats”

    What: Assholes been playing with fireworks since the week of Christmas haven’t run out of them

    When: Since last week day and night, wait til the sun goes down at least you fuckers so people can walk their dogs

    Where: The bathroom and kitchen

    Why: She feels safest in those places and I’m baking breakfast/dessert for the weekend into next week, even in her terror my food smells good and she hopes to lick a spoon or mop up anything I drop.

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