Sunday Funday Would Like to Thank the Cast of “Orange Is the New Black” for This Batch of Good Gay News

Happy Sunday Funday! It’s supposed to rain cats and dogs in Los Angeles today, so I guess it’s a good thing that I drove the PCH on a whim while laughing and/or crying wildly with the windows down into the night yesterday instead of putting it off. Here’s some good stuff that happened while I was sitting in traffic this week!

OITNB Just Had Another Big, Diverse Night at the SAG Awards

The cast of Orange is the New Black took home a SAG award last night for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a TV Comedy — their second in two years. Laura Prepon, who accepted the award alongside her fellow cast members, used her victory speech to praise the show’s diversity. (Also Uzo Aduba won Best Actress in a Comedy because everything is perfect and nothing hurts.)

Tony Abbott’s Sister is a Bad Bitch

Christine Forster is sick and tired of her big brother’s anti-gay bullshit and she’s not gonna take it anymore. Instead, she’s gonna publicly school him on Twitter. The result is as epic as you’d expect.


Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

I’m Voting for Good Gay Political News, How About You

+ The Justice Department made some moves this week that indicate that anti-gay discrimination has been illegal all along. Who knew!

+ A Republican lawmaker in Utah wants to call bias crimes against LGBT people what they actually are: hate crimes.

+ The Virginia State Senate passed not one, but two bills Friday protecting LGBT folks from discrimination in housing and employment.

+ The Mildura Council in Victoria, Australia is moving forward with a “social inclusion plan” that will make LGBT people feel right at home in the community, hopefully.

+ For the first time ever, the Department of Health & Human Services has ordered an insurance provider funded by Medicare to cover a trans woman’s sexual reassignment surgery.

Have You Gotten Paid to Hug a Panda Today



Three Idaho Schools Are Getting Big Bills for Gay Stuff

And one of them is Pocatello High! Hello, Mey’s hometown! Go get gay and stuff!

“While a handful of students at each high school feel comfortable and confident in being out, many more do not nor do they have the support at home,” said Delonas. “These kids, if they’re out in the community trying to raise money, (they) aren’t always sure if they’ll get a friendly face, and not all of them are LGBT, some are just allies or friends.”

The grant, totaling $3,000 has been divided up between the three schools, and according to Delonas, students from each school are in charge of creating a budget for themselves.

“They’re just kids — they just want to go bowling or see a speaker who interests them,” said Delonas. “Just like any other club, they want to focus on their interests. In this case, the interests are significantly more varied than, say, the ski club.”

The Florida Republican Legislator Loves Her Trans Kid

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is part of a new project by the Human Rights Campaign pushing parents to be accepting of their trans kids.

This Dog Looks Like a Raccoon, You Are Welcome

Meet Tanu.


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  1. Did anybody read The Hollywood Reporter’s guest columns this week by members of the Academy? They are fighting mad about the changes that Cheryl Boone Issacs is making. It really gives you an idea of the attitude’s permeating that organization and I now better understand why they have a diversity issue. It really is full of completely ignorant people stuck in a timewarp. Some of my favorite comments include:

    1. Actors are the least racist people I know!
    2. I have an Asian friend….(that I’m convinced doesn’t exist considering she spends the next paragraph accusing her of all kinds of things)
    3. Affirmative Action Awards!!!(that actually comes up several times in relation to the changes)
    4. A Mexican is nominated this year! Isn’t that diverse?
    5. Black people only make up 18% of the population so…
    6. I knew Martin Luther King!
    7. I’m a Lesbian and a woman. Aren’t I diverse enough?
    8. If we change the rules then how will we know whether people are getting in just because they are black? The very integrity of our membership is being compromised!(Yes, because it’s not like minorities are as talented or worthy as whites or anything. If they get in it MUST be affirmative action)

    And the list goes on and on. Here is a link, just don’t read the comments on any article relating to this as they are full of white supremacy even worse than what the Oscars voters have to say.–

  2. While that sweet little critter who looks like a raccoon is indeed in the same family (Canidae) as doggies, they are not the same genus and species.

    Domestic pups = Canis lupus familiaris
    Japanese raccoon dog or tanuki = Nyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus = not pets!

    The more you know :)

    • Thank you!!! I wanted to comment with the exact same thing.

      Some animals are named after other, more familiar, animals which they look similar to. It’s a sometimes unfortunate and confusing occurrence but it’s important we recognize that this is not a dog, it is a wild animal and not a pet.

      Obviously AS is only sharing a trending news piece about a cute animal. This is just something I wish people were more critical of.

  3. No I did not hug a panda at work, but I did hug the cutest old lady of all time, not to mention the most badass. Broken hips, heart attacks, strokes, dementia. Nothing is holding this woman back and it is fucking awesome to witness.

  4. Yup, tanukis are lovely fox-type creatures with a raccoon colourscheme. I had them where i was born, and loved them even if they normally were considered pests, but they’re so cute- looking :)

  5. It’s reassuring to finally read some good news. Aww, I kind of expected for you guys to report that marriage equality is finally happening in Guadalajara, Mexico!

    Last Tuesday, the Mexican Supreme Court order my state’s representatives to stop being douchey and let all people get married. Some same-sex couples had gotten married here before, but they needed an appeal; now Jalisco’s Constitution has to be changed to say that “two people of legal age can get married” instead of “a man and a woman of legal age can get married”. The Supreme Court’s ruling is of immediate effect.

    Guadalajara is one of the most conservative cities in Mexico, and of course the Catholic church and many bigots are pissed off. But it feels like a ray of hope. Now my girlfriend and I can get married in our city If we want to! <3

  6. The Congresswoman’s video made me want to cry. Rigo is fortunate to have such a loving mom.

    I do think it’s important to see a Republican supporting the trans community. Though we may not agree on all policies, I am glad to see people across the political aisle teaching their fellow Republicans about equality and justice. I also think Republicans speaking out about LGBT equality will help to reach more conservative, traditional families who may be struggling with accepting their LGBT children. People like Leelah Alcorn’s parents.

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