Sunday Funday Is a Thick B*tch, Needs Tempo

Hey friends! These weeks really just kinda…fly by! It was just last Saturday and now it’s this Saturday and I don’t have anything tangible to prove that I was useful in the past week. But like, usefulness is based in capitalism, and really who do I need to be useful for? Honestly, who knows, but I do wish time would slow down and I got more done each day. C’est la vie though, you know???

+ More Black women are identifying as bisexual, according to some studies. Exciting!

+ Colectiva Feminista en Construcción has been pushing Gov. Ricardo Rosselló on gender-related issues for years.

+ France may begin to include lesbians and single folks in their fertility rights.

+ I’m sure you’ve seen it, but just in case you haven’t: Lizzo and Missy Elliott released the video for “Tempo”!!!!

+ The city of Berkeley is removing gendered pronouns from its municipal code. 

+ 22 queer women talk to Cosmo about how they knew they weren’t straight. (Number 14 feels very on brand)

+ There’s a funny lesbian, Kristin Key, on NBC’s new comedy show, Bring the Funny.

+ Catherine Hardwicke, director of lesbian classic Twilight, will be directing a new “lesbian viking film”. Sign me tf up!!

+ “The Icons Edition” from the Outward podcast.

+ Black, queer, and here in the American theatre.

+ @queerappalachia is fighting the opioid epidemic hitting rural America with their Instagram.

+ And lastly:

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Ahhhh Summer…..

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God(dess) bless you and your week, free Palestine, drink water, hug a friend. I love you and you deserve nice, good, things and other people who love you. Gotta blast 🚀

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  1. “Catherine Hardwicke, director of lesbian classic Twilight, will be directing a new “lesbian viking film”.”

    Needs to include the line, “featuring well-known gay, Kristen Stewart.”

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