H. Ní Aódagaín

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About H. Ní Aódagaín

H. Ní Aódagaín is a writer of fiction, essay and poetry. Her work explores the power of women, the challenge of aging, the searching inherent in a conscious spirituality, and the act of living consciously on this beautiful planet we call home. Her work has appeared in Woman of Power, In the Heart of the Applegate, Sinister Wisdom, Oregon Quarterly, Leaping Clear, and Eureka Literary Magazine, among others. She is a three time finalist in New Millennium Writing Contests. Her novel, If Not for the Silence, which subverts the classic male hero's quest by depicting a woman's unique journey of awakening, was named a semifinalist in the 2018 Elixir Press Fiction Award. To contact, write: hnauthor@gmail.com. To learn more, visit: hnauthor.com.

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