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About Me

If I am going to apply to labels, (which I absolutely abhor), then I am an androgynous lesbian. Single/taken…its a seriously complicated matter at the moment. I’m definitely not looking, there’s one girl for me and I’ll be fighting until I die to show her that, I don’t feel like armoring up for another battle anytime in the future. People who know me would say I get emotionally involved a lot, I write poetry like a machine, and because of that, I am a grammar and spelling Nazi. I like to be involved in the latest politics concerning LGBT rights, but all other political wars are lost to me. I grew up in a religious household, and a VERY religious town. On my block alone, there were five different older couples that all went to church dutifully, and still spit and hiss every time I walk by. I fled that town, and for that reason, I beg you, never, and I mean NEVER go to Hawthorne, Nevada. On a lighter note, I plan on becoming a police officer, and continue fighting for what we’ve all been fighting for, simple rights that have been stripped from us because of labels, like we’re less than human, we now fall into the category of animals in the eyes of these homophobic demons. But I digress. I’d like to think of myself as an understanding and accepting individual….hmm. This is starting to sound too much like a resume’, so if you’d like to know more, just ask. :)

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