The Basics




Ghana and then ?

About Me

About Me

Just finished school in NYC, in Ghana for a fellowship, don’t know yet if I’ll go back to the city after or somewhere new. I’ve been reading AS for a crazy while (I love it) and never signed up, so I’m doing it now!

Check All That Apply



keep it real



getting enough sleep, killer soups, friendz and good emails, keeping it real, freestylin


antics, debauchery, concerts, getting lifted, drinking until intoxicated

Are You Out To Your....


What I Like

Favorite Books

real ones made from paper.

Favorite Movies

john goodman, ryan gosling, leo dicaprio, meryl streep, toni colette, denzel washington, matt damon, joseph gordon levitt, paul rudd, greta gerwig, john c. reilly. I’ll see anything once. My taste knows no bounds.

Favorite TV Shows

community, parks and rec, dexter, anything trashy

Favorite Music

modest mouse, islands, modern lovers, ymcmb, jay and ‘ye, adele, tegan and sara, bon iver, animal collective

Favorite Sandwich

fuck now I'll think about this question all day. depends on my mood?

Favorite Quotes

“If you don’t want nobody to bother you just put some fresh shit under your armpits.” -My dad

Favorite Thing on

NSFW Sunday, recaps, recipes, realness, all the stuff about lesbians

Favorite Writers

george saunders, amy hempel, leni zumas, sam lipsyte, miranda july. short story attention span.