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Cairo Amani


Brooklyn, NY

About Me

About Me

Cairo loves moleskin notebooks, considers Scrivener a Godsend, and enjoys meeting new people. She is writing a novel.
You can find out more about her here:

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Lesbian, Queer


Heart to Heart

What I Like

Favorite Books

Oh Jesus….
Color purple, possessing the secret of joy, I’m a fan of The Inheritance Trilogy, because I’m a dork. Roots, the autobiography of Malcolm X. Teahouse of the Almighty

Favorite Queer Books

Again, the color purple.
I have yet to read a queer book that REALLY reaches out to me, honestly. Have suggestions? Send ’em my way.

I did like keeping her a secret, that was cute

Favorite Movies

Set it Off!
Nightmare before Xmas
Sound of Music haha

Favorite Documentaries

Very Young Girls
The Aggressives
Diary of a Mad Black Man–Only because its an abomination and fun to figure out why.

Favorite TV Shows

Big Bang Theory
Varios Anime too numerous to list

Favorite Music

Anything I can dance to.

I love India Arie and Neyo…like I’ll actually BUY their music.

Favorite Sandwich

Cheeseburgers :)

Favorite Thing to Autostraddle


Favorite Quotes

“pursue the things you love doing, and do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you. All the other tangible rewards will come as a result.”
— Maya Angelou

“My understanding is that whatever you are doing, you do every day. You do it until the job is done or you’re exhausted and then you can have a drink in the evening. I don’t understand waiting for inspiration. I don’t understand trying to be great all the time”. -Thomas Roma
Apply for the jobs that you really want, and if you don’t get them, it should hurt. Write your stories and make your paintings so that if they fail, you feel bad, you are diminished in some way. Then you have to analyze why it didn’t go right for you, correct it, and go back again.- Thomas Roma

Favorite Thing on

Hard to choose, currently, arts and entertainment section

Favorite Writers

Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Patricia Smith, Gwendolyn Brooks

Lots of spoken word poets I can’t name