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Winnipeg, MB, Canada

About Me

About Me

Life is dynamic, and so am I.

On a constant, life-long search–of self, relationships, self-fulfillment, and joy. I don’t know what my place in the world is, but I do know it’s transient and ever-changing–I want to make people laugh, but even more than that I want to make them think, and I want to make them feel. I want to be surrounded by people who will do the same for me.

The concept of a self-identity is bizarre and absurd to me, because I am constantly changing, exploring and evolving. That being said, there are facets of my person that are deep-seated and colour my perception and experience in the world–these are my deeply-held, non-compromisable values. I am queer; I am a feminist; I am a vegan; I’m a believer of equality; I’m an advocate of empathy and acceptance; I’m an introvert; I’m a lover of fiction; I’m a fan of learning, knowledge and non-conventional intelligence.

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Queer, Pansexual, Sexually Fluid

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