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Well hello there have you been waiting patiently for us to talk about My So-Called Life again? Wait no more: Vulture Asks Claire Danes Some Burning Questions About My So-Called Life.

“Meanwhile, we also asked Danes to resolve the eternal debate over which of Angela Chase’s suitors — Brian Krakow or Jordan Catalano — acted like the bigger jerk.”

I’m personally more concerned with the feasibility of Angela dating Rayanne.


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  1. I hate angela chase. I know I’m out of step with everyone else over this, but she reminds me of me at that age- all that uninteresting pretentious teenage introspection. Eeugh.

  2. I am also concerned with the feasibility of said dating arrangement. They had to have hooked up at least once because it’s just like one of those things, you know? Like how Idgie and Ruth were obvs lovers, they just didn’t show that part in the movie.

    • ikr?? it’s like the color purple.

      Both of those guys were psycho drama nuts. And so was Rayanne, but not because she was emotionally *un*available, just hurt…I know i didn’t meet any normal people who didn’t drive me batty at that age, though or try to beat me into their mold. Best strategy: wait till the dramarama friends get over their crazy, THEN date them/be bffs. Works like a charm. Unless they turn over a new crazy leaf that allows them to be judgmental of your “imperfections” now that their “normal”, but that’s rare.

  3. I like to think that Angela and Rayanne hooked-up one drunken night in college.
    Also Also Also, Thank you Ricky Vasquez for helping me feel less alone when I was a teenager confused sbout my sexuality watching MSCL. It meant a lot.

  4. It was super duper obvi that Rayanne was head-over-heels in love with Angela. Remember when her mom was telling Angela’s mom about how much Rayanne talked about Angela, how she just wanted to BE her. You know in that way where it’s almost like being in love except you don’t get to have sex. Was anybody else like…umwha?

    Also when hot mess Rayanne said she’s tried EVERY type of person, I couldn’t help but feel the problem was that she was still missing a rather large supertype of person: girl.

    • Patty: I’m Patty Chase.
      Amber: Hi.
      Patty: Angela’s mom?
      Amber: Oh, WOW. Angela! Oh, Rayanne talks about her all the time. She’s in love with her! She wants to be Angela.
      Patty: Really! Gosh, they seem so different.
      Amber: Oh, you know kids. They find one person and they just can’t get enough of them! It’s like being in love, only they’re not allowed to have sex.
      Patty: Riiiight.
      Amber: No, don’t you remember? There’d be, like, this one person, who had, like, perfect hair, or perfect breasts, or they were just so funny, and you just wanted to eat them up — just live in their bed, and just be them. It’s like everybody else was in black and white, and that person was in color. Well, Rayanne thinks Angela is in color. Major color.

  5. I wanted to be in love with Rayanne, but her constant drunkeness turned me off. HOWEVER I was madly in love with Danielle, Angela’s little sister. She’s also about the same age as me so that adds to it. Seriously though, mad crush. So now I google and find out somethign amazing. She does the voice of “Connie” on Family Guy. I seriously had a mind jolt when that character first appeared because I heard the voice and was like “WHO IS THIS? I KNOW THIS PERSON.” But I don’t think I ever looked into it. So now I find that it’s her sweet voice, and then I find this picture of her:

    Look at that smirk ladies.

    A girl can only dream…she was so sassy.

  6. gosh, loved it when i was on. where’s tino?? jared leto was so fucking hot before he turned all emowhore. i’m glad they didn’t make a second season of mscl cause there’s no way they could have topped season 1. same with freaks & geeks.

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