You Should Go: Summer Nights On Jupiter With Reina Gossett and Grace Dunham

Reina Gossett and Grace Dunham, “It” girls of social justice, are throwing a fabulous party this Saturday, July 11th and you should totally go! Summer Nights on Jupiter: Lucky Stars is a queer reading and gender-affirming romp, taking place at the historic Le Petit Versailles community garden on New York City’s Lower East Side

The garden. Image via Allied Productions

The garden. Image via Allied Productions

Reina calls Jupiter her guardian angel, always dropping quarters in the piggy bank. Grace is in love with Athena, the trans warrior who broke her way out of Jupiter’s skull. July 11th is a night of performance and party about freaks, all undesirable in their own ways, making life and getting lucky, getting life and making luck.

There will be music, readings, musical performances and more. B.Y.O.BrownBag and dress to impress yourself. While debauchery will surely abound, this event is about making space for the LGBTQ pioneers, contemporary ruckus makers, and everyday queers who are doing the hard work of thriving and being fabulous in these tumultuous times.

A lot of it is about the histories that [Le Petit Versailles] occupies, and calls and speaks to. So, whether it’s the many people who died from HIV/AIDS, who are still alive, who are locked up survivors, who are navigating gentrification and state violence. All of that is there, and the way that we want to structure and create space for that is really important for other people to be like ‘I feel safe, I feel accounted for, I feel like my presence means something.’ Whether that’s a person who is no longer alive, or a person who is tweeting and facebooking… or writing articles on Autostraddle! We want you there. — Reina Gossett

The garden is wheelchair accessible, and the staff will be present to escort partiers to nearby accessible restrooms. Please don’t forget your glitter.

Hannah Hodson is a 22-year old Brooklyn-bred writer and actor. She graduated Hampshire College with a very valuable BA in Theatre and Black Studies. She currently resides in DUMBO, Brooklyn, where she admires the view while writing poetry about gentrification, climate change, race, class and other heavy stuff, but tries to keep a positive outlook on it all. She recently met Abbi and Ilana from Broad City (IRL), and has photos to prove it. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter, for her thoughts on Beyonce.

Hannah has written 37 articles for us.


  1. oh man, this seems really cool and I’m in NY but I have a prior commitment (my own birthday party). I will definitely have to check out something else at that garden venue, though; it looks kick-ass.

  2. YES YES YES. Reina and Grace are incredible people and I can’t believe I can actually attend this… it’s going to be everything.

    also not sure how public Grace’s facebook page is but if y’all can, check out everything grace writes–it is so poignant and necessary and thought-provoking

  3. Wow, that garden is beautiful! Amazing how they transformed the space from nothing into something so cool (the website says it was a former auto-chop shop). Wish I were in NY to go!

  4. Everyday (small town) queer here, ‘…doing the hard work of (living &) thriving, and looking fabulous, in these tumultuous times…’
    Hannah, I am adding your words to the ever expanding lexicon of self – love I am rocking these days… With some poetic license
    Thanks for the post

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