You Can Just Turn That Into Cat Gifs, You Know

Laneia’s Team Pick:

Thank you, Stef! Meowbify is, in fact, a team pick. Autostraddle meowbified. Jezebel meowbified. You can still donate to our fundraiser, sidenote, even when it’s meowbified. Cats cats CATS KITTENS because CATS!

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    OMG. On Autostraddle it makes all the little + buttons for liking comments into cat gifs. Ergo there’s a cat gif in every comment.

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    I got such a perfect one, i clicked for the BBC one and it had news of a soccer player moving from tottenham hotspur to real madrid, and the gif was of a cat running across a soccer pitch in a game between liverpool AAAND tottenham hotspur! i was so happy… I don’t even like soccer…

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    this is perfect! and I’m totes a dog person…
    but I’m really confused by this one gif with the maroon 5 dude and no cats at all

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    I tried this on the Globe&Mail and it made it SO. MUCH. BETTER. Every national newspaper should look like this!

    A cat at the U.S. Open is apparently chasing a butterfly! A kitten contemplating the Republican National Convention just covered its eyes! A cat nibbling on the end of someone’s finger is illustrating things I’d rather not think about in an article questioning male circumcision!

    I think I’m going to try the Guardian next…

    [insert swirly sound of my entire evening disappearing]

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