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As we’ve all recently remembered fondly, a lot of us were huge homosexuals from an early age. Also, we were all adorable. Someone else has also had this brainwave and turned it into a blog thing on the internet! If you  happen to be snowed in possibly indefinitely, maybe consider opening up a jar of peanut butter to eat with a spoon while browsing the eight bazillion child photos that indicate their owners later turned out to be total gaymos. Feel free to submit your own, too – it looks like it needs more women to participate!

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  1. I remember when I was in maybe 3rd or 4th grade there was some sort of school photo thing going on. The back drop was of some trees and flowers and stuff, and there were props we could hold – either a fishing pole or a bouquet of flowers. I totally took the fishing pole. And I was also wearing a brown sweatshirt that said “Outdoor Life” on it and there was a picture of a duck or something. Greatest picture of me ever.

  2. This is pretty cute. With some kids, you just know.

    I thought about looking for a picture to submit, but then I don’t really have any… I’m a very feminine gayelle.
    Then I realized that the handful of girls I saw on there were all of the “I hated dresses,” kind.
    But I loved dresses… I love my femininity, and love being a lady woman.
    (I also played legos and football so there you go, but) how did I know I was gay? I dunno… and that wonder carries on to this day. People are surprised. Or worse, think I’m pretending
    I’m going to look into this

  3. I have to find a picture of my friend and I playing when we were little. We were SO gay. We used to play outside every day, and we would be cats who fell in love and got married, and we would come up with different weird “mating rituals” every day. I moved away just before my eleventh birthday, but given another year in the same neighborhood I’m sure we would have moved into the “innocently making out” phase. I saw her from a distance 7 years later, wearing plaid and looking deliciously butch. Ah, lost opportunities.

  4. omg, was just talking about this !

    totally kissing my PRE-SCHOOL girlfriend Jenny L.—-playing these kitten games that involved nursing….no joke.

    said goodbye at age 5–saw her again at age 16/17 on a bus—we shared that knowing smile….sweet AND hot !

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