Top Six Queer Cooking Blogs

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I was really excited about all of your excitement about Butches Doing Things. But maybe, just maybe, some of you looked through Baking Butches and thought, “I love these photos of butches baking. But now I want to know what they are baking!” Well, I agree. I mean it’s one thing to look through photos of cute girls doing cute things, and it’s another thing entirely to have access to the details of those cute things and be offered the chance to replicate them yourself. And when it comes to recipes on the internet, it’s just my personal feeling that I’m more likely to listen to a cute queer to tell me what to cook than some random non-queer.

This follow-up is unique in that it doesn’t really apply to any of the other Butches Doing Things Tumblrs we talked about (unless there are pages dedicated to telling butches how to fuck butches, in which case, please send them to me and then don’t expect to hear from me for awhile).

Alternatively, maybe you’re interested in taking this off the screen and onto paper. In that case, I recommend you go get yourself a copy of Cooking With Honey: What Literary Lesbians Eat, then take a picture of yourself reading it and send it to Butches and Books (which was inspired by your comments!)


Queer Vegan Food

i could probably eat these forever and be fine

Queer Vegan Food is based on the premise that vegan food is queer and (often) vice versa. Unlike other vegan blogs, this one doesn’t try to imitate non-vegan food — like, for example, meat. Instead, Queer Vegan Food does its own thing, with recipes such as Raw Vegan Superfood Hot Chocolate and Raw Vegan Cabbage-Sea Veggie Sandwich. And if Raw Cacao Kelp Noodles isn’t a queer food, I don’t know what is.


A Butch In The Kitchen

Check out that butch hand Doing Things!

This is a cooking blog run by a self-described novice that promises to feature inexpensive and uncomplicated recipes. I’m excited about anyone who writes about butch/femme feet dynamics in a post about banana bread, but really, she had me at Nutella Filled Sugar Cookies.


Spontaneous Tomato

Fact: foods that resemble vaginas taste better

This is a blog written by a human who appreciates adventures both abroad and in her mouth. Her recipes are inspired by her travels, which makes for some pretty interesting reading. If you’ve always wanted to learn an “easy” way to make Korean Broiled Bulgogi Chicken, or if you’ve been dying to can your own pickled beans, or even if you feel that two is better than one when it comes to Vietnamese avocado smoothies, this one’s for you.


Vegan Mischief

One cookie heart for every way I love this blog

The writers of this blog solemnly swear that they are up to no good, but looking through their work I really have no idea what they are referring to because Vegan Mischief is literally all the good. That Gluten-Free Green Onion and Spinach Pancakes topped with fenugreek butter and Arugula Salad with Hazelnut Vinaigrette looks like it is to die for, except there is no dying allowed because then I wouldn’t get to taste Blue Corn Pear Muffins or Apple Fritters with Whiskey Maple Glaze. Confession: I just drooled a little.


La Queer Cocina

Basically I want to rub my face on this like a cat

La Queer Cocina is amazing because it is “a space where POCs & queers cooking on a budget can share & access recipes which remind them of home.” I love the idea of carving out new queer home-like spaces, and I especially love it if that space also has recipes for everything from gluten free vegan brownies to mussels with white wine herbed butter sauce and all the things in between. The blogger who runs the site is a self-described “kitchen top” but also accepts submissions, which makes it a space that the readers can help to create.


The Fooditarian

see above re: theory on food that resembles vaginas

YOU GUYS this is Kristen’s cooking blog; she is multi-talented and I love her. Kristen doesn’t always give us the recipes, but the photos are juicy enough that I’m satisfied to just look at the food she makes until we can be friends in real life and I can make her teach me. Also my favorite thing about this blog is when Kristen takes a picture of some gorgeous creation and says that she made it with “whatever else was in my fridge” as though it’s no big deal, or when she puts up a photo of Brussels sprouts and yam hash, sliced tomatoes and a sunny side up egg and calls it “Typical Brunch.”


Tell me all about your favorite queer cooking blogs!

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog Queer Vegan Food. I have a cookbook coming soon and all proceeds go to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!


    • You should get a Tumblr that somehow posts the same things you post on the other blog. That would be lovely.

    • Just chiming in to say that’s right; my blog is not exclusively vegan, but I do still have a good number of vegan (and vegetarian) recipes if you check out my recipe index!

    • Wait. Does a food blog have to be vegan to be queer? I think that since the blogger is a queer/lesbian, that her blog would be applicable.

        • Yes it is totally applicable, that’s why she’s on the list. I’m sorry if this wasn’t clear: this is not a list of vegan blogs! It’s a list of queer food blogs. Some of them are vegan and some are not. The main thing is that they are run by queers.

  2. This combines my two favorite things of the whole internet: food and queer ladies. Everything sounds great, and I’m off to gain about 50 pounds… Just saying. Maybe I’ll stick to the vegan ones, and skinny it up. We’ll see…
    Thanks for this awesome post!

  3. vegan gluten free karaoke is my very favorite cooking blog — Rachel Lee performs outrageously sexy karaoke while whipping up a gorgeous dish… Yum.

    • Yeah! Rachel Lee is amazing! We went to Vassar together. <3 her blog! Here's to a bright queer-vegan blogosphere!


    Meals with MelRob was a four month project my friend took on in the Ann Arbor / Ypsi area where she traveled to friends’ houses, food/supplies in tow, and cooked a meal. I admit I may be partial but her charm easily shines throughout the project and she made some awesome recipes from my favorite vegan cookbooks/blogs (Vegan on the Cheap, Post Punk Kitchen, etc).

  5. There is also a book called “Lesbians have to eat too” that we got for a friend’s coming out party []. But the cover is kind of not-so-nice (really bad hallmark-y) so we made a new cover to go with it.

    Not so relevant, my ex-girlfriend tried to motivate me to cook by getting us “hers and hers” aprons []. I tried my best, but it seems like i’m good with cutting vegetables only..

  6. I think a page dedicated to all of the awesome queer blogs out there (fashion, cooking, home stuff, etc.) would be amazing….just sayin’!!!

  7. Weee! Thanks so much for mentioning my A BUTCH IN THE KITCHEN blog!! What an honor! I’ve been out of commission for awhile due to knee surgery but I’m back up and baking again. Look for new posts coming as soon as this weekend.

  8. Uhhh… my drunk kitchen fits this description, no? I guess that it isn’t reaallly a how-to show, so much. But I do love it! (And am not the friend of a friend of a friend of the amazingly cute Hannah Hart, no way…)

  9. I love food and queer babes ! They are my 2 favourites in life that make me swoon and get weak at the knees. Speaking of which – the babe holding the cupcakes from the ‘Baking with Butches’ tumblr that you used is a total dreamboat !!

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