Facebook: The Movie (In Which We Briefly Discuss ‘The Social Network’ Trailer)

You probably want to watch the trailer for the new movie, The Social Network, starring Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin and Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, the founders of Facebook. It gave us some feelings, obviously, because we’re like, PART OF THIS GENERATION OF TOTAL WEIRDOS that’s being depicted in this here film.


The opening was so weird, right? With the dramatic music? I want to see it! It would seem all of the world’s good ideas come from nerdy smart boys who have no friends?

a) That opening makes me hate myself and also all of you and everyone else between the ages of 11 and 45.


c) I’ll totally watch this. I actually like the lead actor and they’ve somehow made the story look interesting, even though I’m sure it was just cleverly edited.

Is the kid from Squid and the Whale playing King Asshole Mark Zuckerberg? Also is the music supposed to make me feel real feelings? Remember that Google Superbowl commercial? That was way better, it took away only thirty seconds of my life, and will not cost me fifteen dollars to see in theaters.

It looks so weird I don’t even know what to think. It’s hard for me to take a movie about social media seriously that a) isn’t a doc and b) is drenched in sweeping overwrought musical oddness. I’m surprised they didn’t ask Philip Glass to make the score.

I actually really really want to see this. Is that weird? It looks interesting, in a totally mostly lame way. But I also really want to see Salt, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Inception, so maybe I’m just going through something right now. I agree, I like the movie footage parts a LOT better than the “fake Facebook” parts — those bum me out.

I would just like to add that I hope Justin Timberlake’s performance in this is similar to his performance in Southland Tales.


What are your thoughts? Will you see The Social Network? Or is it just too soon for this kind of weird pseudo-docudrama? What did you think about Adventureland, because most of us really liked that one.

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  1. AARON SORKIN & DAVID FINCHER are my number 1 and 2 feelings.

    Also, I especially loved Adventureland b/c it’s based on the real Adventureland in Farmingdale, Long Island which was where my dad took me every weekend when I was 9-11 yrs old.

  2. Jesse Eisenberg’s character in the squirrel [sic] & the whale was such a jackass that I had trouble enjoying him as a romantic lead in Adventureland, which isn’t really fair, but I feel like I probs am supposed to hate Mark Zuckerberg, so it should work out just fine.

    Does anyone remember that Sandra Bullock movie ‘The Net’? It flopped. But there was a lot of talk about how it was difficult to make a really compelling film about things that happened on a computer — there’s not much action involved when the characters are just sitting at desks for the whole film.

    I trust Sorkin though, I think.

  3. It seems silly to me that they’ve made a movie about Facebook. I mean, it’s cool and those guys are pretty clever and all, but really? Right now? Really? Too soon, guys, too soon. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t really care how Facebook came into existance and I don’t really care how many people hated that dude nor do I care about Justin Timberlake as an actor.

    So no, probs won’t be seeing that one.

    However, I liked Adventureland a lot because.. Kristen Wiig. K. Stew and Bill Hader.. but mostly Wiig.

  4. eh? no.
    i’m not sold on the idea of facebook’s drama in movie format…but then again, i’m biased because i fear my support of this project would further legitimize Mark Zuckerberg as a person. :(

  5. Adventureland is totally one of the gay little breadcrumbs that I left behind throughout my entire life before I figured out that I’m a big homo. It was my first KStew experience and I was crushing SO HARD but was still SO CLOSETED – Ohhh the torture! At the end my friends were all in a tizzy over Jessie Eisenberg and I just remember nodding along in pretend while trying to figure out how I could discreetly get my hands on a copy of Twilight as soon as fucking possible.

  6. A movie about Facebook was actually written and produced yet movies, such as but not limited to, The Nicest Thing are still at a standstill. FUCKING FACEBOOK?!

    As someone who wishes to one day write scripts that someone, somewhere in Hollywood will produce, this is yet another thing that terrifies me of the place that I aspire to be in life.

    Maybe terrify is the wrong word, but still.

    I’ve got all this nerd rage going on right now.

    Fucking Facebook?!

  7. I know all of you are like, “lol facebook really, I could care less” but it seems like there’s actually a story behind it.

    This was someone’s LIFE, guys. I guess it could be interesting to see how the creators of facebook were impacted by it. I think people underestimate the social network… I mean, it’s not essential, but if it’s just so overrated why is everyone a part of it?

    I’ll be seeing this movie, at least.

  8. true story: last year at the edinburgh fringe festival i went to see Facebook: the musical, thinking it was going to be full of witty commentary on social networking and how it has impacted our lives. i was wrong. instead it was an uncomfortably sincere two-hour drama about lonely people who use facebook. i am still scarred by it and therefore cannot see this movie.

  9. i’m kinda with these last few comments. i think “the social media/generational commentary” can potentially make a really interesting movie. plus, zuckerberg and his buddies rose to fame to face (and turn down) billion dollar deals over the course of about a year, all right out of college. think about that. autostraddle is kicking ass and taking names…but just imagine if this website was being thrown BILLIONS of dollars by slick, silicon valley investors who had their own vision of how things should be run. it’d create all sorts of drama and fun things to watch unfold (though i’m sure the billion-dollar AS story would be infinitely more interesting than facebook – but you get what i’m saying). probably won’t see this one in theaters though. thanks to social network-induced isolationism, i’d prefer to watch on netflix and post my feelings.

  10. At first, I had no interest in a movie about the founding of facebook. Then I saw Jesse Eisenberg and thought okay maybe. Then I saw JT, Sorkin, and Fincher and was like omg I wanna see it and dont care what its about. Also the lack of lesbians sleeping with guys because that is what’s really important.

  11. i feel that my quality of life has vastly improved since i deactivated my facebook account, although that action coincided with school ending and moving in with my girlfriend so those things might have affected my happiness slightly more.

    i will never ever see this movie even though part of this was filmed at my school and probably has people i have seen before walking around in the background as extras.

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