The Comment Awards Are Stuffed

Yes, yes, yesterday the U.S. celebrated Thanksgiving (or Thanksvegan if you’re Stef/a vegan). Non-Americans, aren’t you so glad to still be hearing about it? Turkey-stuffed or not, you may still be interested in Gabby’s take on Black Friday, these terrible vintage food ads and Crystal’s former life as a professional turkey fister. And did you see the spectacular gallery of photos from our International Meet Up Week(s) in October?

Now that the holiday season is undeniably in gear, remember to use Autostraddle’s affiliate links if you plan to shop online for your favorite kittens and humans. Still looking for gift ides for friends, girlfriends or fellow queers? The 2013 Autostraddle calendar (now on sale!) and homemade cassette wallets will not disappoint.

Now for those weekly gifts that keep on giving, the comment awards!

On Mac Trackpad Shortcuts:

The Subliminal Sex Tips Award to Kade

On The Super-Easy Way To Support Autostraddle While Shopping Online:

The Gross Consumer Advocate/Sarcasticate Award to Ranger: “Am I right in assuming that AS gets a kickback from these links all the time? I don’t just practice gross consumerism during the months of November and December and could make the effort to continually using these links, if AS keeps getting the kickback.”

The Slippery Stocking Stuffer Award to discospider“If anyone ever buys the barrel of lube you will keep us in the loop, I trust?”

On 19 Horrifying Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas From Vintage Food Ads:

The Username of the Week Award to Cuntess von Fingerbang:

The Flaming Lettuce Award to Chandra:

On Also.Also.Also:

The Life’s Thesis Award to alice:

The Nunsense Award to kd15:

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  1. Holy shit, a comment award for me. Unprecedented! I knew that barrel of lube could only lead to excellent things in my life.

  2. Also, Alice, I think you’re doing a super kickass job at gathering primary research on that topic.

    • I’m just building on your influential previous work in the field. I see a collaborative data sharing arrangement in our future.

    • I really hope this gets another comment award, and then you can add “won comment award for comment about comment award”

  3. Kade

    Second time being famous on Autostraddle this month!!! **tearsofjoyandhappiness** (other time was of my Maine sweatshirt with a voting sticker on it!)

  4. Oh hey comment award! Have a drink. Would you like to be a part of my study?

  5. Aww, first week of posting and there’s Dexter’s (my dog, haha) little face being published! :3

  6. Oh wow I totally thought that those were naked nuns protesting… very disappointed. :(

  7. Also, I need a profile picture… Anyone opposed to purple catwoman perched on various objects in my friend’s apartment?

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