The Comment Awards Are Daydreaming Of Pizza, and Of You

Hi, friends. What to say?! I love you! I hope that you are safe and healthy. I hope that you have people in your life who you are able to (remotely) connect with, so that you can lift each other up. I hope you have enough to eat. I also hope that you didn’t make the mistake I made, of stocking up on healthy food and forgetting that you would need junk food during these trying times! (At the moment, I would commit utterly unspeakable acts for a pizza.) I hope you live somewhere where you’re able to get outside at least once a day (six feet apart, and don’t touch anything)! And I hope you’re holed up with people or animals you love, who love you.

Pals, I am grateful for you, for this whole community. I’m so glad we’re here together. And if I were to order a pizza right now, it would have: pineapple AND pepperoni, and a drizzle of honey and sriracha, and maybe basil leaves? Might get wild and dip it in ranch! What’s on your pizza, friends?

This week, which lasted approximately eighteen thousand lifetimes, Riese wrote about the magic of jigsaw puzzles.

The Babysitter’s Club is coming to Netflix! Nine year-old Queer Girl is VERY excited.

Presented in all its glory, one of Autostraddle’s most amazing headlines: The Dyke Kitchen: You Have To Lemon Linger.

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This week’s Covid-19 resources included a piece from Shelli Nicole on paying your bills, a gorgeous cooking-with-what-you-have AMA, a really vital post from Vanessa on mutual aid, and a whole bunch of news!

Did you hear? Carly Usdin’s short film, Misdirection, is now out for free! We can all go watch it! Right now!

And then there were your comments.

On The Baby-Sitter’s Club Is Coming To Netflix And We Are Very Excited:

The Queers All Around Award to Kristana, Smalls and Mathilde:

Kristana: All I’ll say is look at the girl’s hand in the top left corner. She’s the gay one. / Smalls: Holy shit, yes. So queer. Wow. / Mathilde: The girl lying on the bed gazing down at the girl on the floor also seems gay. Gay gazing!

On The Dyke Kitchen: You Have To Lemon Linger:

The High Honor Award to Heather Hogan:

I’m sorry, this is the most perfect headline that has ever been published to this website.

On Sunday Funday Is Burning Down the Patriarchy With These Hot Firefighters:

The Bi For (Fire)Fighting Award to Bettyonit:

Almost all of the men I’ve ever been attracted to have been firefighters and I’ve had crushes on every woman firefighter I know…so I guess I’m mostly a lesbian but bi for firefighters Hope everyone is doing well during this time while social distancing!

On 6 Culturally Queer Facts About Fiona Apple, No Reason:

The Candle In The Window Award to speakpirate:

“Look, nobody has Cara Delevingne sing meows as background vocals on their new record because they’re straight.” This sentence is a light in these dark times. Thank you for being the noted queer meow expert that we need.

On Tempted to Check on Your Ex? Check on Someone Else’s Ex Instead!

The Facepalm Award to SpicyTofu1994:

Haha, wish I’d read this two hours ago! I’d facepalm, but I can’t touch my face.

And on “Misdirection”: Carly Usdin’s Magical Queer Short Film Is Free to Stream Right Now!

The We Love a Project Award to ETphonehome:

This definitely feels like a good time to learn close-up magic….

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  1. I got my last full paycheck for who knows how long today and screw it! I’m gonna give in to the 50% off emails I’ve been getting all week and get dominos! My go to is bacon and feta with light sauce, plus garlic bread twists

    now I’m hungry for grease

  2. What’s on my pizza? Parmesan, mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, chicken, bacon, onions, spinach, garlic, oregano, basil. Thin crust.

  3. Lex

    I’m more daydreaming of hands capable of making pizza dough than daydreaming of pizza.

    But yeah a goat cheese and spinach pizza with roasted garlic that would hit the spot rn.
    Annnddd just realised that’s a completely unconsciously Lent observant friendly craving

  4. Pizza! Funny you should mention that. My local decided to open for takeout pizza and beer this afternoon, so I just had to ! I picked the vegetarian one. Super yummy.

  5. Oh and about the junk food, you’re so right Queer Girl, I in fact made a store run today to pick up junk-ish food, who am I kidding I picked up junk food. Let’s not try to dress it up.

    • I plan on making cookies with my kiddos tomorrow. We need to be extra kind and patient with ourselves (I keep trying to remind myself). And we had Dominos for dinner which was a nice treat!

      • Lex

        If your kiddos like PB&J I have a flourless PBJ cookie recipe. It’s pretty easy and requires little fingers to get it just right.

  6. My pizza is usually mushrooms, black olives, pineapple, basil, and onions. I also dip it (or at least the crust) in ranch! We’re doing homemade pizza for dinner tomorrow, in fact, and now I’m going to try a bit of honey and see what happens!

    I’m so grateful for y’all and this community too!

  7. Well now I’m ordering pizza! With banana peppers and extra cheese for self-care whilst I can.

  8. Okay, I’ve watched “Birds of Prey”, and it’s Harley x Huntress all the way.

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