Top 10 DADT-Related Stories Including “Obama Signs DADT Repeal Act!”

So many things happening relating to this Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal. Let’s check them out.

1. Obama Signs DADT Repeal Act

President Obama signed the act! The one that will let gay people attend military barbecues! People chanted “Yes we can!” and cheered and thanked him and it was a big heartwarming moment.


Pam’s House Blend has published a compilation of everyone’s reactions to the signing, from Servicemembers United to The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada. Basically everyone who’s intelligent, forward-thinking and level-headed is really, really happy today.

If Dan Choi looked any happier in this photo, we’d probably all join the army or something:

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2. ROTC Returns to Ivy League Schools

Ok so, ROTC programs were banned from Ivy League campuses during the Vietnam War, according to like, every major news source. The ban has been upheld for the past 17 years with the universities claiming that DADT was the reason for the ban. But maybe none of that is true? Because there’s also the argument that “ROTC did not meet the academic and professorship requirements of academic courses, so Harvard relegated ROTC to an extracurricular. The ROTC walked.” Are you confused? Me too!

Either way, now that DADT is no longer a thing, the ROTC will be coming back to these universities and everyone involved thinks this is a super good idea on paper but will be maybe kinda awkward IRL.


3. John McCain is Still a Thing

“Railing against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, shooting down an immigration bill he once sponsored, pushing his own changes to START—the tougher John McCain who emerged in the primaries may be here to stay.” Oh yay.

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Some really interesting man by the name of Bob Marshall would like to ban gays from serving in the Virginia National Guard. And then Governor McDonnell was like, “Bitch you crazy!” No he actually said, “while I disagree with the action that the Congress took, based on my own experience in the military […] we can’t have two systems — The Federal and National Guard.” I mean, at least one of these men isn’t as bigoted as the other one, right? It’s the little things.


5. Now That Gays Are Real People in the Military, Can I Marry Tegan?

You’re probably thinking / hoping that the repeal of DADT might signal a more progressive view on gay people in general and therefore we can expect more basic rights, like marriage and the tax-related perks that come with it! You might be right and you might be wrong. Everyone has an opinion about this! It’s like the great toilet paper debate. (@theweek)


6. Obama Has Lawyers Who Will Tell Him How to Feel About DOMA

The Advocate has Obama’s first one-on-one interview with an LGBT news outlet., in which he discusses the speed of DADT repeal implementation and how proud he is of everyone, especially himself, for getting rid of DADT. Obama is, however, still really confused about his feelings on gay people having the right to marry other gay people and currently has a slew of lawyers “looking at a whole range of options.” Hm. Neat.


7. Republicans: The New Darth Vader (Again)

The lame duck session is supposed to be a time for naps and vacations! But Democrats have managed to get quite a few things done in the last few weeks, and Republicans will likely want to do something to restore balance to the force. Like, you know, be total assholes next year. (@csm)


8. Rachel Maddow’s DADT Repeal Party

Rachel Maddow did a little bit on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell on December 20th — she opens with a recap like the clips show they have in the middle of every season in America’s Next Top Model and then she announces to the crowd of people (those lucky few who got tickets for the 92nd Street Y Rachel Maddow Live thing that’s happening in New York this week before they sold out) that we won the vote and everyone cheers and then there’s a panel with Katie Miller, Victor Fehrenbach, Mike Almy and etc.


9. People Still Have a Sense of Humor

You get a gay soldier! And you get a gay soldier! You’ve already had a bunch of gay soldiers, but now you can get even more! And you get a gay soldier despite the fact that you keep complaining about them so much that a lot of your friends are starting to wonder if there’s actually anything you could possibly want more than a gay soldier!” (@comedycentral)

10. Barney Frank ANNIHILATES the Christian News Channel Guy!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Barney Frank owning this interaction with a reporter from The Media Research Center, which is a group dedicated to spreading douchebaggery by “exposing” “liberal media bias.”

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  1. It really bugs me when politicians speak about their personal feelings on issues. Their personal feelings are not supposed to rule countries, they are supposed to do what is right for the citizens of their country, ALL the citizens. So, Obams is unsure of his position on marriage equality….it shouldn’t matter. He is intelligent enough to know that his personal feelings are not a valid reason to keep excluding people from the institution of marriage, so he should just cop the fuck on.

    • I completely agree. Presenting it as “well I don’t like gay marriage” should not be acceptable for any politician, least of all the president. If it is right for the country, it should be done.

      If I remember correctly, back in 2003ish when Canada legalised gay marriage federally, the prime minister at the time, Paul Martin, had said that while his Catholic beliefs led him to disagree with gay marriage, this was something he as prime minister believed needed to happen. I thought that was really impressive. I may not be able to change the personal views of politicians but if they are at least able to separate that from their job as representatives of the country, I’ll be happy enough.

  2. I think Christian News Channel guys is under the impression that there is going to be some kind of buddy system. I mean, Im not American so I may be misinformed, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t read anywhere that each shower head is now going to come with one homo suggestively playing with soap-on-a-rope…

    I can’t believe they let that piece go to air. I’ve never seen a reporter flounder that badly before.

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