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Gays Playing Sports, Shopping for Menswear, Still Not Going to Prom

Closeted gays play basketball, lesbians play softball, gay boys rank each other on websites that get startup funds (bah!), Constance McMillen has her day in court and the school officials whipped out some doozies, a good lesbian suit is hard to find, Elisabeth Hasslebeck and Whoopi fight about health care, also wait ’til you see these portraits of soldiers affected by Don’t Ask Don’t Tell!

Gender Health + Athletics

Johnny Weir Be Good, Johnny Be Robbed

Awww Johnny Weir! The judges may hate you cause you’re flamboyant but that’s why we love you.
Also; is the world ready for same-sex Olympic figure skating, hurdles facing LGBT Americans of color, an Oklahoma student wants his license plate to read IMGAY, and Rachel Maddow will deliver the commencement address at Smith and the lesbians go wild.

Arts + Pop Culture

Superbowl Sunday with Lindsay Lohan, Jon Stewart, RuPaul, kd Lang, SNL’s Gay Show, Etc

It’s Sunday Funday! Are you ready for the second installment of Lindsay Lohan and Niecy Nash Being Best Friends? How about Ru Paul, Diva magazine, SNL’s gayest show ever (also funny!), kd Lang talks about being a vegan and chillaxing, Anne Hathaway, a new project from the people who gave you the 2009 Sweet Caribbean Cruise, and statements from both Tila Tequila and President Obama? Also, Bill O’Reilly is dumb and the tapes with John Stewart are great!

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Footballers Scoring With Us For Supporting Gay Marriage & Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has a response ad to Focus on the Family’s Anti-Choice SuperBowl ad and we think you’re gonna love it! The Advocate talks to a pro-gay-marriage Saints football player, top 10 banned super bowl ads, John McCain is cranky and hates gay people, girls who won’t date taller, Beyonce and Rihanna have blonde hair, GIRL SCOUT COOKIE MANIA and moms try to out-hot their daughters.