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Gay Marriage Will Make Washington D.C. Rich! Nice One, New York!

Tila Tequila is still engaged (take that Court-ten-ay!) is furthermore making plans to REPRODUCE via surrogacy. Gay marriage will pump the DC Economy, which’s bad news for the already upset NYC. Also; Nik Pace is suing the NFL player who fathered her child, how Mormons spend Christmas, 10 hot European TV lesbian couples, Karen from the Office is writing a comic book! Sort of!

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New Jersey Committee Votes YAY to Bring Gay Marriage Bill to Senate Thursday

The New Jersey Senate will vote on same-sex marriage on Thursday after an nine hour debate yesterday. The Williams Institute has found all the gays, has a map for you. The first gay female bishop was elected in LA over the weekend, and Anglicans the world over are unhappy. New York gays are already plotting to kick out some anti-equality Democratic Senators.

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After NY Gay Marriage Defeat, Could New Jersey Be Our Filthy/Gorgeous Hope?

New Jersey is so close to New York, it’s practically the same place (or at least we’ll pretend it is if they vote to legalize gay marriage). Meanwhile, Denver would rather vote to roll out the red carpet for alien invaders. ALSO; Tolerance is relative when teaching middle school students, Prop. 8 still blows, and Rick Warren is loathsome as ever.

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Right-Wingers Won’t Shop The Gap Until Ads Spotlight Jesus

The American Family Association is being such a stage mom to Jesus and was boycotting the Gap for not using the word “Christmas” — we’ll tell you why that boycott is now on hold. Also, it’s boom time for unpaid interns, is Glee anti-Christian?, Sarah Palin gets PUNK’D, JCrew is weird and Australian senator compares homosexuality to incest. Again. Sigh.

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Lesbian Soldier Denied DADT Discharge Wins Appeal in Canada! Oh Canada!

In October we interviewed Skyler James, a lesbian soldier denied the DADT discharge she expected when outed — she wanted you to know the true story of her appeal to Canada for asylum. Today, we’re happy to report her success! Also; San Fran tells feds to back off and let it grant benefits to same sex couples, gay panic will be cited in Mercado case and NY looks ahead for same-sex marriage.