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Prop 8 Gay Marriage Trial, Explained: Lez Legal Eagle Answers Your Lawfully Ignorant Questions

If you’ve been following the Prop 8 trial this week, you might have a lot of questions about the law and stuff, or perhaps like us you only KINDA understand what’s going on. Our resident legal expert Jessica is here to help! Here’s part one of two of Jessica the Legal Eagle Lawyer Explains It All– if you’ve got questions, she’s got answers.

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New Jersey Senate Voting on Gay Marriage Tomorrow! Get Your Whiskey & Kleenex!

No one thought it would happen, but the New Jersey Senate agreed to hear the same-sex marriage bill tomorrow — what’s the outlook? Also, Rhode Island’s gay funeral rights bill veto, Prop 8 trial on YouTube, Obama’s transgender appointee, and the funniest bestest Daily Show video ever about that simple time Glenn Beck & his ilk are always reminiscing about.