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American Gays Want (And Can’t Have) Rights Straight People Hate

Hawaii’s governor vetoes civil unions bill, Today Show excludes gays from its Modern Weddings contest and a lesbian is denied the malpractice settlement from her deceased ex-wife — seems gays can’t get a break in the US these days. It’s okay though, because new studies show that straight people are married & have kids & they HATE IT. But also there’s the super-cute new issue of gay wedding mag EquallyWed… gawd, it’s so hard to choose a number one feeling today!

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Yvonne Moore Sued Her Church For Performing “Disgusting” Gay Marriage, Which is Crazy

Yvonne Moore, “world’s worst church lady” (according to THAT’S GAY), sues her church for 250K for that gross lesbian wedding they threw. But hey, let’s check out that book she’s been reading in “Autostraddle’s Primer on New & Old Testament’s Mentions of Homosexuality” which will soothe your soul, even if you’ve eaten trail mix, which’s bad for your soul. FYI.

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Texas Republicans Hate Gays and Lesbians More Than Anything Else, Ever

The violent drunk-driving bigamist stalkers in Texas had better not think about getting gay married, because THAT could turn out to be a felony. Also, we talk about putting the politics back in Pride, unsettling developments on DADT, protests over violence in Savannah, new life for the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative, and the Lisa Miller/Janet Jenkins custody case going back to court.

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Dear Prop 8 Gays & Anti-Gays, Judge Walker Has Some Questions For You Now.

Judge Walker released NINE PAGES of critical thinking questions about the arguments in the Prop 8 trial. Closing arguments start in a week! Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga were pardoned last week and now Steven seeks a “normal life” with a new girlfriend. Also, White House on DADT and MORMONS ARE GETTING SUED for failure to disclose its Prop 8 contributions.

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Iowa Voters May Object to Your Union, So Get Gay-Married Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

There are a lot of numbers in here but they’re all important, so get out your calculator and let’s do this. Statistics indicate that Iowans want to have a referendum on gay marriage, but also maybe that they don’t care that much, and Tea Partiers still hate us. The directors of GetEQUAL are making more than anyone you know, we don’t know anything about Elena Kagan still, Gawker might want to check out an AP stylebook, we might be one step closer to finding Lisa Miller and her daughter, and happy tales of reunited gays in love!

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Obama to DADT Activists: I’m On Task, Don’t Yell!

GetEqual interrupts Obama’s speech, again. Closing arguments for the Prop 8 trial will be heard on June 16, but will there be cameras? Also, a behind-the-scenes look at trans rights advocacy in Washington, Clayton McKleskey of The Dallas Morning News wants to know if we can stop talking about gay stuff yet, and more on college courses on gay marriage (or, as we like to call it, ‘marriage’).

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What Would Elena Kagan Do?

What happens if Elena Kagan is confirmed and joins the Supreme Court? Is she a friend or a foe in disguise as a friend with a lesbian haircut? Our Legal Eagle Jessica attempts to decipher Kagan’s mysterious record to tell you what her confirmation could mean for gay rights and other key issues.

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Marriage Equality: Not Coming To a State Near You?

Jessica our Real-Live Lesbian Lawyer/Legal Eagle, is back with more facts about things we don’t understand! If marriage equality isn’t coming to our states any time soon, what can we do NOW to protect the rights of same-sex couples in the meantime? Project 515 has answers, and its a blueprint you could bring to your own community much sooner than you think.

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New Gay Wedding Mag EquallyWed Wants to Commitment Ceremony You

“Equally Wed” enters the untapped queer wedding magazine market, poised to get you ready for the big day even if it’s not legal yet. Also; lot of famous people got rejected from Harvard, women are rethinking “happily ever after,” Sugarbutch has thoughts on gay prom, The Real Housewife of Atlanta has a girlfriend for real, Liz Carpenter dies, marijuana legislation is queer, and the social construction of natural beauty.

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Footballers Scoring With Us For Supporting Gay Marriage & Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has a response ad to Focus on the Family’s Anti-Choice SuperBowl ad and we think you’re gonna love it! The Advocate talks to a pro-gay-marriage Saints football player, top 10 banned super bowl ads, John McCain is cranky and hates gay people, girls who won’t date taller, Beyonce and Rihanna have blonde hair, GIRL SCOUT COOKIE MANIA and moms try to out-hot their daughters.