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Everybody Must Sue DOMA: Lesbian Activist Widow & Gay Couples File Suits

Edith Windsor had to pay crippling estate taxes when her wife died as if they were strangers because the federal government didn’t recognize them as being married. Now she’s suing on the basis that DOMA “effectively creates a tax on being gay.” Meanwhile two other lawsuits have been filed against DOMA by a Boston-based gay advocacy group. Are lawsuits the future of the gay rights movement?

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U.S Government Really Likes Us Gays or is F*cking With Our Heads

The Pentagon has agreed to meet with a group of partners of gay servicemembers and discuss the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal in addition to listening to the opinions of straight soldiers’ partners. One small step for mankind, amirite? (amirite?) Furthermore, Ken Mehlman being gay is NBD ’cause apparently the GOP doesn’t care about same-sex marriage anymore anyhow? Also the (conservative) guys raising money for our rights have historically raised money for anti-gay candidates. Oh yeah and Roger Ebert loves gay people.

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Some Conservatives Hate Gays Less Than Others, Possibly Have Been Influenced by “Facts”

Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter have gone rogue on the Hatred of Gay People issue, and other conservative groups are Very Upset about it. What goes into the making of a conservative who just kind of feels whatever about gays? We check Google News, look at the Jennifer Keeton case (we won!) and make an informed report – and consider the possibility that maybe The Facts sometimes win.

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Does Gay Marriage Make Gays Straight?

It’s three days until you can get legally married in California, so you had better get all your feelings about the bourgeois upper-middle class heteronormative paradigm out now, before they have to come out in couples therapy later on. While you’re here you can check out an infographic on Lady Gaga, find out which person you have possibly heard of came out this week, mourn the passing of Portland’s only lesbian bar, and celebrate BABIES with NEIL PATRICK HARRIS.

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Prop 8 Overturned: Top 10 Smackdowns & Affirmations From Judge Walker’s 138-Page Decision

Did you read the Prop 8 Trial recaps? Even if you didn’t, you’ll LOVE the highlights from this 138-page ruling, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted to hear w/r/t your rights and the other side’s ridiculousness. Riese let me write this post because it’s easier than you reading the whole thing and cheaper than me going to therapy.

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DOMA ShMOMA: How MA Is Changing the Anti-Gay Marriage Game, One Case At a Time

The Prop 8 trial isn’t the only federal litigation happening right now regarding the definition of marriage – two other cases are currently making their way through the federal courts in Massachusetts that challenge the constitutionality of Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act. Autostraddle’s Legal Eagle explains how this could be a real game-changer.