Society + Culture

Autostraddle Bi+ Week Roundtable: Choosing Visibility

How do we want to be seen in our daily lives? How much control do we really have over it? How do we make ourselves visible in a world that often chooses not to see us clearly, and what risks and complications come with it? There’s no one answer, which is why we had all these Autostraddle staffers who identify somewhere under the bisexual umbrella talk about it for you!

Politics + Activism

Here’s What Autostraddle Is Doing For the Women’s Strike: A Roundtable and Stuff

“We support a strike that calls for recognition of women’s value and the necessity of the many forms of their labor; we also support all those who are already struggling economically and otherwise, who are deeply impacted by the administration and the systems we’re protesting, and who because of that can’t afford to risk financial instability or job loss for themselves and their families.”