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What Would Elena Kagan Do?

What happens if Elena Kagan is confirmed and joins the Supreme Court? Is she a friend or a foe in disguise as a friend with a lesbian haircut? Our Legal Eagle Jessica attempts to decipher Kagan’s mysterious record to tell you what her confirmation could mean for gay rights and other key issues.


Why Lesbians Won’t Give Up the Hipster

She’s not butch, no. She’s not even dykey. But damn that girl looks good in a tie and skinny jeans. Who is she, and how do you know that she’s not just a cute hipster straight girl? Luckily for you, Dr. KC Danger just received her degree in lesbian hipsterology, and she’s here to give you a lesson in herstory, hipstory, and why the lesbian hipster is more than just a cultural one-night-stand.