I Don’t Like Movies

This important piece includes several graphics, one chart, and a lot of feelings about why movies suck now. All the ladies disappeared, everyone stopped talking, and everything started exploding.

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SHOCK: Movies Love Lesbian Psycho Killers, Gay Men in Period Costumes

One newspaper asks if queer film festivals are still necessary, another discovers the lesbian psycho killer phenomenon and wonders why we don’t get nice gay man movies. also; Adam Lambert interview, eyeliner 101, The Runaways, girl bands like the Runaways, Ke$ha’s appropriation of Native American culture, Tina Fey, the Lambda Literary Awards and Angelina Jolie.

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10 Badass Girl Team Movies

New Runaways clips and Autostraddle counts down ten of our favorite movies where badass girls get together and make shit happen with other girls; shit like the Georgia Peaches and witchcraft! Also; Lady Gaga’s video & 3D plans, the dead gay syndrome, American Idol, Claire Danes, Girltrash and girls kissing on 90210!