S L I C K: A Date To Remember

I watched the way Dee moved as she went to the bar for our drinks: the confident swagger was there but I also noticed a slight hesitation as she placed down my wine glass. When she came back with our second round of drinks, I reached into her lap and cupped my hand over the shaft of her strap-on.

Slip Into S L I C K, The A+ Erotica Series

Whether you’re alone or living in a poly pod orgy, you deserve X-rated entertainment. So in honor of the incredible A+ members from way back and our latest fundraiser, we’re launching S L I C K, a weekly erotica series that will bring you sexy stories every week.

Five Steamy Lesbian Reads for the Holidays

Are they literary heavy hitters for which you’ll need a thesaurus and previous experience reading Nietzsche? No! Are they fun romps through a winter wonderland with queer characters? Yes! Are said characters often trapped in places and hate each other at first but then fall in love and there’s really no risk except that which makes the love even more defined? Yes!