Four Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Affecting the LGBTQ+ Community

In this pandemic, we are watching the compounded failures of capitalism and narcissistic government play out. We’re seeing issues that primarily target marginalized communities now take a broader toll. But as members of marginalized communities, we know what that means: our community is getting hit even harder than before.

Attention, Los Angeles: EVERYBODY is the Radically Inclusive Gym You’ve Been Waiting For

“I always felt better after exercising, but also always felt it came at a cost, whether that was a really dirty locker room, an overly fluorescent space playing terrible music, or having to navigate a highly gendered space and endure sexist, homophobic commentary. I wanted to create a space that felt really good to be in, like you were actually going to feel better while being there.”

Feminist Sexual Health App Screet is Getting a Queer Reboot

Screet was created as part of the 2015 StartupBus competition, a roadtrip hackathon where folks on different buses develop startup projects on the road, by a team featuring Autostraddle’s very own Creatrix Tiara, and she’s the single person undertaking its second coming. As she builds momentum for the reboot, she set aside some precious moments to talk with me about where Screet comes from and where it’s going.