Give Thanks: Pumpkin Spice Smokey Eye

Pumpkin everything is the highlight of my autumn, but as you may well know it’s also the center of a lot of unnecessary girl hate. Demonizing girls for liking pumpkin flavored things is silly, so let’s snuggle up by the fireplace celebrate with a pumpkin spice smokey eye.

Fashion/Style Visual Art

Most Important Ugly: The Final Monsters

It’s time to introduce you to my last and final monsters. These were the people I had wanted from the very beginning, actually, they were pretty fully realized into their own identities — working with everyone else in the project involved pulling out their narratives a lot more to get what we wanted, but for these three… my muses! It was not so difficult.

Fashion/Style Visual Art

Most Important Ugly: Massiel, Coco and Meta-Human Experiments

“I used that lip gloss, that purple holographic, because I knew it would look great on her, but I wanted it to look like she just ate some futuristic fruit and she was so happy about it she didn’t bother to wipe her face. The glitter in her hair looked like a halo in the dark. After the portrait she told me she planned on sprinkling glitter in her fro on a regular basis.. She couldn’t stop smiling.”