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Telephone’s “Lesbian Prisonyard Girlfriend” on Kissing Gaga, Queer Media, Gender & Being Hawt

Out magazine talks to Lady Gaga’s lesbian jailyard girlfriend, performance artist Heather Cassils, about kissing Gaga (‘intense’), butch/femme, trans, gender identity, performance art & everything you care about. If you’re wondering what Tila Tequila is up to these days, we’ve got an update. Plus, Tegan & Sara talk to Mother Jones about Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga is trying to brainwash you into joining the Illuminati, “Chloe” premiered last night, more outcry over Skins, and Adam Lambert is in Japan.

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In Defense of Dressing Up: On Trans Surgery, Fashion Writing & the “Natural Body” Myth

Fashion blogger Meg Clark on why fashion blogging matters, trans activist lawyer Dean Spade unpacking feminist discourse around trans surgery. Though very different people/topics, both touch on how a “looks don’t matter” perspective disables us from having important conversations about gender/society/self. Also; 39% of young Swedish ladies lust for other ladies, fancy perfume, marriage officials love love, Margaret Cho directs a kickin’ new video, and Lesbians deal with HIV.