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You have probably been distracted and on the internet at some point. You are probably distracted and on the internet right now, come to think of it. The MOMA has some thoughts about this.

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Lesbian Stock Photography is Awkward, So Is This Song For Lindsay Lohan

Awkward Stock Photography Tumblr inspires us to dig through our favorite lesbian stock photography tropes AND BOY IS IT HILARIOUS YOU GUYS. Also, this is not a Lindsay Lohan post, but it may or may not feature a song her father apparently wrote and performed to assure her that his love “will never die.” Laugh or cry as you see fit. Also, Kristen Stewart talks about gendered double standards in Hollywood, a new movie starring guerilla gun girls, and drag queens singing about oil. I know, what more could you ask for?

Visual Art

Embodiments that Matter: Queer America Looks Like You

Molly Landreth and Amelia Tovey have set out into the gay wide open to document the faces, stories and sounds of this crazy queer country in their amazing photo/bio project, Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America. They sat down with Autostraddle to talk about the incredible things they’ve been doing, where they’re heading next, and why this work is so important.


Kaki King Hosts Brooklyn Art Show: Music and Art and Lesbians, Oh My!

Kaki King hosts a Brooklyn Art Show and all the lesbian hipsters are there! “People need ways to communicate their inner feelings, and that could be through music, visual arts, or even dance. The value of this goes up even more in minority groups, such as the girl-on-girl community. With oppression comes a need to express yourself in a multitude of ways, and the arts are an excellent form of expression.”