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Cracking the Coming Out Code

Ricky Martin came out yesterday. Sean Hayes came out a few weeks ago. My Mom came out in 1995. Is it only a matter of time before everyone comes out? Riese investigates and Alex makes infographics and together we get to the bottom of this well of homosexiness.

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Anti-Gay CA Senator Ashburn Walks Out of Gay Bar, Gets DUI, COMES OUT

The lawsuit for those injured in the Atlanta Eagle bar raid needs your help, Roy Ashburn is a lying hypocrite, General Petraeus has worked with queers in the past and hasn’t been raped by a man yet, the VA Attorney General wants to take away college protections, Minnesotans are giving it their all for Uganda, and Roseanne wants to save the gay Mormon kids.

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Lesbian Lifestyle Unpopular Today: Maureen McCormick, Kim Zolciak, Alicia Keys h8 the Rumors

Apparently the gay agenda isn’t working today ’cause no one wants to be a lesbian BUT who cares, This American Life’s 2002 ep about how homos aren’t crazy is streaming online this week! Also; homophobia in African-American churches, Johnny Weir on “That’s Gay!”, the upside of depression, Caster Semenya is not the real Middlesex, Clay Aiken’s HRC speech FTW, Crystal Renn interviewed, “Bro-etry,” 10 Reasons to Avoid the Phone and more!

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Jillian Michaels: First Lady to Ever Come Out (Bisexual) in “Ladies Home Journal”

Jillian Michaels tells LHJ she’s open to finding love with either gender (yay bisexuals!) and also we think she has a girlfriend, Korean Actress Lee Na-young will play a trans character in an upcoming film, Lindsay Lohan speaks out about the dangers of prescription drugs w/r/t Casey Johnson, plus Rosie, Lady Gaga, Hayden kissed a girl and she liked it, Ellen behind-the scenes, Sherlock Holmes and REALLY HOT GIRLS all the way from the UK!