10 Queer Comedians You Should Know (Who Aren’t White Lesbians)

You’ll find odes to Lily Tomlin and Ellen Degeneres with only the occasional nod to comedy notables like Moms Mabley, Wanda Sykes and Margaret Cho, making queer comedy look like a whitewashed dyke party. You won’t find much evidence of the many queer comedians of color who are well-established, wildly successful and wonderfully, deliciously funny. Here’s a very incomplete list of some of those comedians. 

What You’re Flagging With Your La Croix Flavor

First it was for Midwestern moms, then it was for social influencers, then it was for everyone, and now it’s ours. La Croix is gay culture. (While we’re on the topic: Staying hydrated? Gay culture. Water? Gay culture in that it is life, which is something we are constantly giving other people. The ocean? Gay.)