Come Vibe With Me: Snow Day Silence

Sometimes unexpected silence is all the sweetness you really need. Also, I’m still crushing on Arlo Parks, customized herbal care packages for Black folks, and find out what happens when Tilda Swinton is the link to one hell of a meet-cute.

Come Vibe With Me: Good News

I’m not letting Imposter Syndrome knock me from celebrating my good news. Also, let’s talk about how cute Kaash Paige is, celebrate Megan Thee Stallion being a beautiful babe and demand more movies shows us Black girls kissing.

Come Vibe With Me: Take Me There

ILY — Go daydream! Let’s celebrate Cicely Tyson this week, have a true chat about celebs and accountability, give a trans girl of color an opportunity to take over our screens, and have queer spaces for our grief.

Come Vibe With Me: Say My Name

Call me by my name — or whatever one I tell you I prefer. Also, SZA talks crystals and astrology, more on “The United States vs. Billie Holiday,” and an opportunity for BIPOC leatherdykes to stretch their creative muscles and make us swoon.

Come Vibe With Me: Attention Please

This week I’m taking you on an emotional rollercoaster with my playlist, continuing to stan for P-Valley’s Uncle Clifford, learning what it takes to mend broken friendships, and droping a link to help a Black skate collective in Chicago feed families for the holidays.

Come Vibe With Me: Singing Our Own Praises

This Sunday, try embodying big “You Deserve” vibes. Netflix’s “The Forty-Year-Old Version” will help with that. Flo Milli is the Gen-Z rapper who isn’t going anywhere. And — with Mary J. Blige on the track, I dare you to not sing along to this week’s mom-inspired playlist.

Come Vibe With Me: Sunday Cozy Sunday

Welcome to Shelli’s new series, “Come Vibe With Me” where you’ll find weekly reads, be introduced to new movies & television, find ways to serve your communities and so much more — all while vibing out to a weekly playlist curated by Shelli to play during your sweet Sundays.