11 Books for Getting Started with Polyamory and Non-Monogamy

Search polyamory and you’ll see the term partnered with words like “sexual revolution” and “on the rise” in several news pieces on the subject. Surely, there’s more to non-monogamy than sex, or the rebellion of joining a fad? What could it take to make being open/ polyamorous/ non-monogamous work? Eleven books and the internet’s idea of a “sexual revolution” bookshelf later, I present to you a list of some major titles relevant to queer women.

80 of the Best Queer, Lesbian and Bisexual Books of the Decade

It sure has been a decade! Mainstream publishing has become much more open to queer stories, especially perhaps in YA, and the drive and determination of indie and queer publishing projects has meant that less saleable work that is sometimes more resonant to our lives has been able to make it to our shelves. Here are some of the brightest highlights!

55 of the Best Queer Books of 2019

From gorgeous graphic memoirs to epic fantasy tales, twisty thrillers, swoony romances, exceptional essay collections, and more, there’s an amazing queer book from 2019 on this list for everyone!

8 Great Books About Queer Monstrous Women

“Books about *monstrous women* of all varieties. Softhearted giantesses, feral shapeshifters, malicious sea creatures, lonely gorgons. Women with the strength of gods, women with fangs and fur, women formed of craggy rock or ice or fire.”

Some Covers of Some Lesbian Sci-Fi Books

When I made a pledge to myself a few years back to only read sci-fi books by or about queer people, I wondered whether the cover art would be subtly queered in the process. The answer, in many cases, was no: it was queered to the absolute max.

Reading Bisexual Women of YA: 10 Recommendations for Celebrate Bisexuality Month

Though there are still those who would keep bi characters off YA shelves, there are also plenty of fantastic young adult graphic novels, fantasy books, contemporary novels, and even nonfiction collections with bisexual characters that find their way into the hands of young readers and adults who appreciate YA. Here are a few essentials to check out during bisexual awareness month.

15 New LGBT Books to Make Your Summer Hot Hot Hot

Whether your thing is memoir, fiction, new poetry or YA, there’s definitely something coming out this summer by and/or about queer people that you’re going to want to throw in your bag for the beach, get points for in your library’s summer reading program, or share with that new babe you just started seeing who loves your poetry recs.