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Yvonne Moore Sued Her Church For Performing “Disgusting” Gay Marriage, Which is Crazy

Yvonne Moore, “world’s worst church lady” (according to THAT’S GAY), sues her church for 250K for that gross lesbian wedding they threw. But hey, let’s check out that book she’s been reading in “Autostraddle’s Primer on New & Old Testament’s Mentions of Homosexuality” which will soothe your soul, even if you’ve eaten trail mix, which’s bad for your soul. FYI.

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Johnny Weir Be Good, Johnny Be Robbed

Awww Johnny Weir! The judges may hate you cause you’re flamboyant but that’s why we love you.
Also; is the world ready for same-sex Olympic figure skating, hurdles facing LGBT Americans of color, an Oklahoma student wants his license plate to read IMGAY, and Rachel Maddow will deliver the commencement address at Smith and the lesbians go wild.