Heard It On TV: CAKE and Apple

Apple’s commercial for the newly updated iPod Nano features “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” by CAKE. If you’ve only heard the band’s radio singles, there’s definitely more to love — from twangy guitar and funky bass to trumpet solos. Jess G. shares her Top 10 favorite songs from the band’s almost 20-year history in the hope you will love them, too.


iPhone 4 Launch Problems: Jobs Wants Us To Use A Rubber

The iPhone 4 hits stores, and it’s ever, ever so shiny. But every rose has its thorns. Apple’s latest device has already suffered the slings and arrows of some serious signal problems, and it’s basically still Day 1. But don’t worry: Apple offers us a simple fix: just hold the phone different. No really, Steve Jobs wants to change how you hold your iPhone instead of admitting that he has a problem. Jobshole.


The iPhone 4: The Good And The Meh

Apple introduces the iPhone 4, or should we say “re-introduces,” the iPhone 4. Meet the newest iPhone, its solid feature set and see just how shiny it is. But is shiny enough? Should it be? And oh yeah, Jane Lynch pops up to mock Apple and allude to a sex dungeon of some kind. Count me in.


Leaked iPhone 4G Lost Then Found and Hipster Time Travel

A secret version of the unannounced next-gen iPhone 4G showed up in a bar in California and someone whisked it up and unloaded the goods to Gizmodo! Also, you have to watch this weirdly artful home movie an octopus took because it’s totally amazing. And that’s not all: a hipster shows up in a photograph from 1941, Steve Jobs gets called out and more!