Welcome to Chez Carol

Here are the chic, homey and stylishly functional home goods I have picked out for Carol to fully outfit her West Hollywood bungalow in preparation for its inevitable Apartment Therapy spotlight.

First Person

Migration Season

“At the start of migration season the ruby-throated hummingbird has only one goal in mind – she has to almost double her body weight, in order to survive a treacherous trip across the gulf of Mexico. At the start of migration season, the black-haired filmmaker has but one goal in mind: build a strong enough case to survive the gauntlet of work-visa processing.”


7 Ways I’ve Compared My Pet Turtle to a Cat

“A year with a turtle, it seemed to me, was a perfectly acceptable short-term alternative to a cat – mostly because it wouldn’t make me want to scratch my eyes out of my face, but also because my general impression was that turtles are chill and low-maintenance while also being willing to react with affectionate enthusiasm towards their human captors.”